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A simple script edit so that RobCo Certified takes into account Fallout Character Overhaul's special races.

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This is a mod for users of Fallout Character Overhaul and RobCo Certified, so that the FCO races will be able to be turned into Lobotomites and Mecha-Lobotomites as they're supposed to be. If this doesn't work with the unique Lobotomites, please tell me! This patch was made quickly for mostly my own use, but now everyone who has had this problem will have this available. Now you can finally have Ranger Andy and every Fiend you can imagine as your own personal human biots. Scrub those dusty dendrites and run the Mojave with your own freaky posse.

For load orders, it should work fine just so long as it is placed after FCO and RobCo Certified, since all it does is change the a0aCyberBaseLobo script to account for FCO's custom races.

Version 1.01
Made it so that you can reprogram Lobotomites, fixed an error where you could Lobotomitize Ghouls. Vanilla lets you extract brains from Lobotomites anyway.
Everything should be working perfectly fine now as tested. 
Updates will be harmless.