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This file patches Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO) to work with NVEC Complete+NVCE. (This patch is currently only compatible with FCO version 1.1 or lower...It is not compatible with FCO 2.0 or higher!)

Permissions and credits
7/5/2014 - News Update
With the recent release of Dracomies and Weijiesen's fantastic work on NVR 3, I'll be looking at re-writing this patch with Drumber's new FCO 2.0 and NVR 3 as assets. The combined work of all three authors really makes this game what it should have been, and adding NVEC into the mix is just the next logical step for my own play-throughs.

6/9/2014 - Important! Please read!
Drumber has recently updated FCO to version 2.0. This patch is currently incompatible with FCO 2.0 and will most likely cause a crash at start-up. I will be updating this patch in the near future to work with FCO 2.0, but until then, do NOT use this patch with the current version of FCO. If you have a previous (pre-2.0) version of FCO installed, then this patch should work just fine.

NVEC - FCO Patch

This patch allows you to use Hairylegs222's enormously popular New Vegas Enhanced Content with Macienzo's New Vegas Character Expansions (NVEC+NVCE) alongside Drumber's fantastic Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO). Using this patch will give you all the great faces (including hi res eyes, hair styles, eyelashes, etc) that are found in FCO while retaining the stat adjustments, templates, classes and inventory changes NVEC makes to NPCs.

In addition to patching these two great mods to work together, I have also included Drumber's FCO - Melissa Fix, FCO - On Holy Service Bound NPCs, FCO - Roberts Patch, and FCO - Glowing Ghouls fixes, to help reduce load order sizes.

Once you download and install Roberts, NVEC Complete+NVCE, and FCO, you can disable/delete the following .esps in your Load Order (provided no other mod you have references them, of course):
FCO - Melissa Fix.esp
FCO - OnHolyServiceBound NPCs.esp
FCO - Roberts Patch.esp
FCO - Glowing Ghouls.esp

A Special Note About Hair Styles and Facial Hair
While making this patch I discovered that a great many generic NPCs, such as NCR, Legion, Brotherhood and Followers troops had the Buzz Saw hair style with no facial hair. It was something ridiculous like 90% of them, and this existed in both vanilla and in FCO. NVCE adds variations to these generic NPCs by giving some new hair styles and facial hair, so I added these in while retaining FCO's faces. The result is that you will still get all of the great faces done by Drumber, while seeing more variety in hair styles for generic NPC troops. If you happen to find a NPC that doesn't look right due to this change (e.g. hair clipping, etc.), please snap a screenshot with the RefID and I'll see what I can do to fix it up.

NVEC Complete+NVCE (Be sure you get the right version, NVEC Complete+NVCE!!!)
Fallout Character Overhaul (You only need the FCOMaster.esm and assets.)
Roberts Male Body (You only need the assets.)

Q. This mod makes me crash at startup! Your mod sucks!
A. This is most likely due to you having another mod that requires one of the .esp's I said you could delete. Be sure to check your LO thoroughly for anything that might reference one of those files. In some cases, you may have to patch it yourself using FNVEdit.

Q. Clothing and armor aren't fitting correctly to NPCs, causing clipping and generally looking screwy! Your mod still sucks!
A. Be sure you have downloaded the proper assets from Roberts Male Body, including the DLC assets if you have them. Most of these issues are caused by the user not having Nivea's adjusted clothing and armor meshes.

Q. My body looks really weird, and the skin texture is all messed up! Your mod sucks worse than ever!
A. Be sure to toggle Archive Invalidated off, then back on, using either FOMM or NMM.

Q. Will you make a version that doesn't require the NVCE version of NVEC?
A. Probably not. NVCE changes some faces that FCO doesn't, and I used some of Machienzo's hair syle and facial hair selections on certain NPCs (see note above).

Q. Will you make a version that uses the Breeze or vanilla body instead of Roberts?
A. Probably not. I mainly made this file for myself, and I prefer the Robert's body to Breeze or vanilla. In addition, Drumber only has a patch for Roberts, and I based this off of his work.

Hairylegs222 and the rest of the NVEC team for New Vegas Enhanced Content.
Machienzo for the New Vegas Character Expansions included in the NVEC package.
Drumber for his fantastic work on the Fallout Character Overhaul.
Nivea for the translation of Roberts Male Body to FNV and Favoredsoul for the original body.

All credit goes should go to these authors for their original work. I just patched them to work together.

My other mods can be found on my profile page here.