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This is a brief guide on how to make the Fallout Character Overhaul v3.01 work alongside New Vegas Redesigned v4.3. I've included the details in a small .txt file, with links to a couple bugfixes that are necessary to make it work, along with the exact load order and method needed to have it all work together. Mod Organizer is recommended for the easiest method of installation as well, but any modding utility should be able to work so long as you are able to manually configure your .esm order along with the .esps using it.

I own none of the mods detailed in here nor have any affiliation with their respective creators; This is just a simple guide on how to make these two fantastic mods work without a bunch of pink heads walking around.

Also, keep in mind certain lighting mods/ENBs can modify the appearances of characters in your game for the worse. Try keeping them disabled right after installation to know for sure if the installed mods are working correctly, because ENBs/other graphic mods might be giving you some visual discrepancies in the NPCs.

If you come across any NPCs who are missing eyes and hair, it is more than likely it is your merged patch causing it. You can use FNV editor to manually remove an NPC entry to fix the problem.