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Can't find FCO replacements for the mods you're using? Try here!

Permissions and credits
This is a collection of patches was created with the use of the Fallout Character Overhaul (Version 3.01) mod.
These were created because no one else to my knowledge created them elsewhere for the given mods I specifically play with.

If you don't see a FCO patch here, then checkout Avolnall's FCO Patch Collection by Avolnall.
I also highly recommend installing FCO Bugfixes, which changes the filepath of missing textures to it's correct directory.
It also wouldn't hurt to check out Fallout Character Overhaul Facegen, to make sure character's heads match their body (Race).

If there's issues related to the eyes, such as double iris bug, eyes-looking right bug, purple eyes (missing texture) bug, etc. Then you may need to use Hi-Res Eyes 1.2 or try Child Eye Fix 2.3.2.  These replace the eye materials, and should be placed at the bottom of your plugin list (assuming you're using MO2), or allow
overwriting other conflicting textures (if you're using Vortex).

If you encounter any bugs, or NPCs that I missed, let me know. You may encounter generic NPCs with vanilla races, this was due to it being a randomly generated, due to FCO limitations I am not sure of a work around to override this.
I tested most of my patches without a problem.
All patches by me were created using GECK.

Not all files in the download description stating "Used with Version xxx", don't necessarily need to be with that verison as long as the mod author didn't change the forms, etc.

There was a few FCO patches I created prior to Feburary 3rd, 2022 that may have characters missing eyebrows. This was a oversight by me. I'm surprised it took me a month to realize the NPCs had no eyebrows. Anyways, this was fixed and the FCO patches affected by this error were reuploaded with "-EBFix" at the end of the Version number.

These patches were intended to be used with just Fallout New Vegas and it's DLCs. I'm not to sure if Tales of the Wasteland will work with these patches, but I suppose it's worth a try.

These patches may conflict with mods such as New Vegas Redesigned, who alters the races/appearances of the NPCs. But I haven't tested to see if they actually conflict or not.

By default, all patches will require "FCOMaster.esm" and "FCO - The Last Few Edits.esm", aswell as all of the game's DLCs.
You can review further requirement information in the Files section.

Permissions are assumed to have been granted based on the information displayed on each mod's page. I do my best to contact the mod authors via Direct Message on Nexus before posting publicly. I will not post against a mod author's wishes. If a mod author feels that I violated this Nexus file-sharing policy, please notify me via Direct Message and I will take down the relevant files immediately at your request. Thank you.

  • A thanks to Drumber who created Fallout Character Overhaul to share with all of us to improve the gameplay experience!
  • Another big thanks to mando69 for introducing their additional work into getting FCO across all the NPCs in the DLCs&BaseGame, as well as the associated fixes they did with FCO - The Last Few Edits.esm.
  • Also, I want to thank the other mod authors for sharing their mods with us! You've contributed a lot to the community!
Blooper Reel

  • A thanks to all those involved in the 3DNPC FNV Bundle v0.04 (Interesting NPCs) mods.
  • I also want to thank Avolnall for assisting me from time to time. :)

For those who are nearing the 255 plugin limit, I highly recommend merging the FCO patches that you downloaded (especially if you have over 20 different FCO patches like me). The exception to doing this would be not to interact with FCO patches that are intentionally high in the load order as indicated by the mod authors, or patches that affect very large mods or the base game greatly, such as The Last Edits, YUP, JSawyer --- ESMs.

I'd simply recommend only merging FCO patches for smaller mods (i.e. companions, or perhaps a mod that creates a couple dozen additional NPCs to the game, like Less Empty Primm) such as most of the FCO patches you find here on my mod page.

Check out this pretty straight forward video tutorial to do this by GamePoets: