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This mod makes combat more realistic. Armored units are more resistant to damage. Each weapon type has different effect vs armor. All units defend themselves more, units with shields actually use the shields. All projectile now cause damage based on their velocity. Velocity of arrows, bolts and javelins is now historically accurate. Longer battles.

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This mod makes combat more realistic. Armored units are more resistant to damage depending on weapon type used vs armor. Each weapon type has different effect vs armor. All units defend themselves more, units with shields actually use the shields. All projectiles now cause damage based on their kinetic energy. Velocity of arrows, bolts and javelins is now historically accurate. All battles are significantly longer now. Damage of horse charge is physics based, couched lancing is scientifically accurate. AI armies use more tactics. Spears are buffed in melee in comparison to vanilla.

  • In the base game there are three types of damage: pierce, cut and blunt. In this mod each weapon type has unique armor penetrating properties, which results in more realistic experience. For example sword is poor at cutting heavy armor, axe is better at this and mace punches through the best.
  • values for weapon modifiers and few others are all configurable
  • All units have their shields in front of them in all formations with the exception of skein (wedge), unless they are using 2 handed weapon.
  • Unit defensivness is set to higher factor, units now fight as if they're trying to live through battle not speedrun it.
  • Unlocked tactical options for AI, prepare for some interesting battles
  • Projectiles now have historically accurate speed and their damage is based on their kinetic energy in the moment of impact. Arrows now serve as damage modifier. Bow damage is based on its missile speed stat, damage stat on bow and crossbow means nothing now. Damage stat on javelins is again modifier.
  • with these changes ranged damage is generally lower and if you or npc archers want to shoot far you have to shoot in an ark.
  • Javelins and throwing axes are good against lightly armored enemies and they can destroy shields now. Arrows now also deal reasonable damage to shields.
  • Shields now have realistic hitboxes ( vanilla their collsion hitbox is much bigger then their visual size). This means arrow volleys or well aimed shots can now go around shield or even pass through shieldwall. ( hitting arms, legs or legs that are sticking out ). 
  • Couched lances now deal less damage (100-300) that is based on scientific research instead of crazy 500-900 which guaranteed instant kill all the time in vanilla, all spears and lances that can be used on horse are couchable now. Stabbing with spear from horseback will generally cause less damage than couching at high speed as was the case historically. Couchable lance are held in last quarter of the shaft and are longer to reflect their purpose of outranging spearmen and regular horsement on the other side they are less wieldy and pretty much useless outside of charging.
  • Horse charge cause physics based damage.
  • Base damage of spears was buffed, spears deal much more damage from point blank range than in vanilla.
  • As a final result battles are much longer and more realistic now.

Our optional mods:
  • VolunteersUpTier - this optional mod changes starting tier of volunteers that appear in settlements. This tier is configurable with config.xml in mod files. This submod aims to up the difficulty in campaign mode. AI lords in campaign fight battles all the time and they often loose entire armies, so then they fill up their whole armies with recruits. Player is much better at conserving units and often has elite armies. As a result battles in campaign are often extremly one sided because of this. This mod serves as hotfix for this problem as AI lords armies will be closer to player's and battles should be a more challenging. In future we hope there will be some other way to fix this problem ( better soldiers from prosperity, training soldiers in castles and so on ).
Recommended mods:
* use only itemFixerArmor and itemFixerWorkshops as this mod uses heavily modified version of itemFixerRanged
*use healthRebalance if you want even longer battles (does not work in custom battle)

Warning: Most mods that modify spitems.xml (for example some armor mods) do it in a very clunky way and change the entire file, as a result balance of our mod is broken by these mods (for example bows are turned into ballistas :D). If you want to avoid these issues try loading our mod last or try disabling the other mods.

Please note that any mod that affects stats of bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts is not compatible with this mod.
Any mod that changes how damage formula of arrows or melee weapons works is also not compatible.
Other mods should be compatible.

Mods to look out for:
  • BattleStamina this one can get really interesting with longer battles in this mod NOTE: numbers for stamina drain need to be tweaked heavily to work with this mod, use at your own risk.

Special thanks to Mod Template for Visual Studio mod which allowed us to do this mod and Another Armor Damage mod which helped us understand programming in Bannerlord.

Source files are included. For finding how code works in original game i highly recommend program called ILSpy. You can use it to browse game's .dll files and see original methods and callbacks.

Put our mods in modules folder just as any other mod, run DLL activator. We recommend manually installing the mods, there seem to be problems such as crashes for some people when using vortex.

Before posting your problem or question please check the sticky posts, you may find solution to your problem or answer to your question there.