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A submod for Europe 1100 that replaces every troop tree in game and combat gear for faction lords with historically relevant equipment using assets from two other mods called Vaegir Armoury and Calradic Armoury (formerly Expanded Bannerlord Armory- EBA). The mod focuses on the 12th century.

Permissions and credits
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What is Erik's Troops for Europe 1100?
It is a submod for Europe 1100 that replaces every troop tree, kingdom lord and mercenary leader in the game with historically relevant equipment using assets from from two other mods called Vaegir Armoury and Calradic Armoury (formerly Expanded Bannerlord Armory- EBA). The mod focuses on the 12th century. 

Historical equipment? 
Most equipment choices in the mod are fairly well researched but well grounded suggestions that aim to improve the historical accuracy are more than welcome. Since this is the first version, some troop trees are far less fine tuned than others. I will take all serious suggestions into consideration. 

Does the mod change more than visual equipment? Yes!
- All troops has been given new equipment with new values. 
- A bit stronger garrisons. This feature is subject to change for balancing reasons.  
- Increased unit variety in all troop trees a lot but with some kingdoms I'm restricted by the availability of relevant assets. 

Will Erik's Troops for Europa 1100affect performance?
Yes, most likely. The assets from EBA and Vaegir are far more detailed and it is combined with the much increased unit variety. 

Required Bannerlord Version 1.2.9

Required Mods - only use Nexus versions for Europe 1100 related mods!

Harmony latest latest version
Mod Configuration Menu latest version

Europe 1100

Europe Campaign Map Lemmy project
Banner Color Persistence (now with BannerPaste) 1.4.6
Realistic Battle mod latest version Troop overhaul/inactive. The rest of the settings/default. 
Calradic Armory
Bannerlord Expanded Armoury RBM extra items.
OTA RBM - Patch
Vaegir Armoury

Vaegir Armoury RBM patch
Better Pikes latest version
Breakable Polearms latest version

Must have mods!
POC config for Erik's troops - Official Submod!
Recruit your own culture Erik's troops is ment to me used with this submod!
Addon Realism edit the config to your liking, my settings <native_parameter id="ready_speed_multiplier" value="0.65"/>

Strongly suggested mods!
Serve as a Soldier 1.2.8 is no longer compatible!
Raise your Banner latest version
Raise your Torch latest version
Banner Fix (no lod) latest version
Vexillum latest version
Deserters latest version
Immersive Battlefields latest version
Magic holsters latest version

1. Download Harmony & MCM & Butterlib & UI Extender add to your module folder.
2. Download the Europe Campaign Map and follow setup instructions
3. Download the Europe 1100 files and unzip to your module folder.
4. Download Banner Color Persistence and add to module folder.
5. Edit the Banner Color config file at: "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade
IIBannerlord\Modules\BannerColorPersistence\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\config.json" and set the following: "preventNPCBannerColorChanges": true,
6. Download Bannerlord Expanded Armoury RBM extra items manually, NOT THROUGH VORTEX 
            and follow the installation instructions in the description that says "To install the mod you can rather drag it into you modules and it should overwrite the items file otherwise you can put the items.xml into expanded armourys module data file."
Watch the instruction video for this step: how to install the EBA - RBM patch
7. Go to "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & BladeIIBannerlord\Modules\RaiseYourBanner open Config.xml and edit the file.
Change both "Archer" and "Archer2" to 0 (Zero) 
8.Use Module unblocker to unblock dlls

**Installation instruction video for Erik's troops made by Fatrod**

LOAD ORDER - Don't use Novus Launcher!

1.Harmony & MCM & Butterlib & UI Extender 
2.Native, Sandbox, etc
6.Recruit your own culture
7.Other mods
9.Better pikes (and breakable polearms if you want)
11.Europe Map
12.Banner Color Persistence
13.Europe 1100
14.Erik's Troops for Europe 1100

What would you like to see in the next update? Let me know in the comments or on Discord! 

***** Join Erik's Troops for Europe 1100 on Discord *****

Europe 1100 is a fantastic mod made by djfatrod. Special thanks for all your help along the way. 
Calradic Armoury (Formerly Expanded Bannerlord Armoury, EBA) is an ambitious OSP project that is the whole foundation of my mod.
Massive credit to the devs and contributors (EBA Team)
Vaegir Armoury adds great looking Rus and Cuman gear to the game thanks to the dev.
Europe Map mod is the ever expanding OSP project thanks to Lemmy1916.
POC Config is the latest addition to Erik's troops that brings incredible shield patterns as well as banners into the game thanks to the dev lscd88. 

Please make sure you have the right game version and all dependent mods installed and put in the correct load order before reporting a crash.