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BKCE is a full game overhaul powered by Banner Kings: map, troop, faction, culture overhauls, 9 new cultures to pick from, tons of cultural flavouring through more than a dozen religions, descriptions, languages, titles and more. All lore-based, the ultimate version of extended vanilla Bannerlord.

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  • Ukrainian

Github Page
Github is the default information source for the mod and contains more info than the Nexus page.

Read Installation in order to install the mod correctly.

- Map Overhaul 


What is this mod?
Banner Kings: Cultures Expanded is the official expansion to the Banner Kings mod. It contains our lore and game-world interpretation. In the same spirit of Banner Kings, this interpretation aims to be lore-accurate to the Mount & Blade world (not just Bannerlord), while expanding on gaps left by the creators.

What does it do?
  • What Banner Kings: Cultures Expanded IS NOT:
    • A mod that adds a variety of systems that run in parallel and in conjunction to the base game, that is Banner Kings;
    • A mod that made to be sub-modded by other mods.
  • What Banner Kings: Cultures Expanded IS:
    • A mod that adds religions to Banner Kings embedded Religions system
    • A mod that alters the map;
    • A mod that alters and adds factions;
    • A mod that alters and adds cultures;
    • A mod that overhauls troop trees.

Does it work with X mod?
If the mod has overlapping features, no.
Troops mod? NO.
Factions mod? NO.
Map mod? NO.

I can't enable the mod!
READ Installation

Crashes on startup!
READ Installation

No image for cultures on character creation!
READ Installation

I have an issue!
READ Installation

I have read the installation and followed as steps exactly as described, but it still does not solve my issue. What to do?
BKCE support is the same as support for Banner Kings. Instructions on BK support are here: BK: Bug Reporting