Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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The Calradia Awakens Team

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A Roman Themed Empire Overhaul.
Under active development.

Glory to the Empire!

Permissions and credits
The scope of this mod has greatly increased thanks to some amazing people.
This mod will serve as a complete total overhaul for the Empire, based upon Imperial Rome.

Obviously, we're not aiming to be 100% accurate, but we'll do what we can.

More assets will be phased in over time, and existing assets will be improved!


  1. Upon download and unzip, you should have two modules: !CA_LoadAboveNative_Rome and CA_EagleRising.
  2. Drag these two modules to the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder
  3.  !CA_LoadAboveNative_Rome should be loaded above native modules. This means, it needs to be higher up in the load order than the base Bannerlord modules.
  4. The CA_EagleRising module should be loaded somewhere below the native modules. 
  5. Enable the module(s), and enjoy.


*CA* Important - Load At Top Above Native - Rome
Sandbox Core
Other Mods (if you're facing an issue, please remove these first)


  • This mod is compatible with any mod that does not alter the Empire cultures or kingdom.


  • Custom troops cannot be used in Custom Battle. If you want to do this, you need a seperate mod.
  • If you want to use the troops in Custom Battle - download Enhancted Battle Test?. Do not report issues for this mod here.


  • If you want the troop ID's, they can be found in CA_EagleRising > Module Data > Empire_Troops.xml


  • Some of the armors need work, specifically the Lorica Segmentata.
  • Prices might seem cheap compared to vanilla counter parts - I know but I wanted them to actually appear in shops. Let's pretend Roman indrusty allows for mass production of better equipment? Leave suggestions for realistic costs in the comments.
  • This also ties in with rarity - for the most part, I allowed BL to decide the prices. For some stuff, I put a manual price as I didn't want it to cost 300k and never appear. Please let me know your feedback on pricing and rarity of items.
  • More variety is needed, elites need better equipments, etc - we know, we're working on it.


  • Please not that this is a very simple mod, and not likely to be responsible for one of your CTD's. I can also confirm it works without issues. Please check your other mods and load order.
  • If you are 100% your other mods are fine and the load order is good, try downloading manually and installing.


  • Lords
  • Mercenaries
  • Arena - Gladiator theme?
  • Civilians
  • More variety
  • Better equipment for elites
  • Expanded and adjusted troop tree - standard bearer, centurions, praetorian infantry, and more
  • Morale buff for standard bearers, defense (or attack?) buff for centurions - they will be separated in the future
  • Minor Factions
  • TBD


Please respect Mod authors - we spend a lot of our personal time to make free content for you.
Insulting us because you do not like our mods or spamming us is incredibly rude.

Fire and Steel
Off-hand weapons as a shield

Highly reccomend using with the following mod:
The Palace of Constantine

Modeler / Co-Lead: FerDuhrer (This guys is a legend)
Everyone at the Calradia Awakens Discord channel for always being amazing.
The Calradia Awakens Team
AnOldRetiredElephant / ShooterPerson11 - Rome enthusiast and lead for "Crossing the Rubicon", his assistance with both the Roman names and color suggestions have been invaluable. Make sure to check out his future Rome mod set in the late Republican Era, Crossing the Rubicon.