Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

A Calradic Antiquity mod
Under active development.

Glory to the Empire!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
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We know you're hungry for new content, but we have been doubling down on quality over quantity - and we've been busy completely revamping existing content.

This mod will serve as a platform for various sub-mods we have planned in the future.

The mod is intended to eventually be themed on Ancient Calradia - but will be designed in a way that it can easily be transferred to a historical map.

The mod takes place years after the Calradoi Tribe's arrival in Calradia, they're already a fledging empire that has carved out a large part of the land. Witness the rise of an empire, or help burn it to the ground. This mod will be set during a time of great change a turmoil.

Yes, we do have plans to make historical sub mods. Rest at ease.
Current Factions
The Imperium

  • The Calradoi Empire on it's rise to glory - themed on Rome
  • Though the Empire has seen great success, an event will trigger great turmoil. It will be up to the player (if they choose) to restore order, burn it to the ground, and write history.
  • Implemented

The Battanii
  • Themed on the Celts
  • Partially implemented, this faction will be rebuilt
  • Currently replaces Battania (proto-Battanians)

The Dryatics
  • Themed on Dacia
  • Partially implemented, things may change
  • Currently replaces Vlandia - but position will be moved later to fit lore.

The Saka
  • Themed on Scythia
  • Partially implemented
  • Currently replaces the Khuzait - not based on lore but we wanted scythian / sarmatian factions.

Quyaz Republic
  • Aesthetically, they will be our original creation, but themed partially on Carthage. 
  • Mix of cultures and ethnic groups.
  • They will be a merchant republic in between two giants (Calradian Empire, Parthian Empire). 
  • Quests with this faction will be themed around espionage, diplomacy, and secrecy. 
  • Will you remain as a client-state, or will you rise as an empire in your own right?
Planned Factions
  • Will be divided into three factions - Aphenai (Athens), Lakedaimon (Sparta), and Pellaionia (Macedon).
  • The Aphenians and Lakedaimonians have a long standing fued - while the growing threat of Pellaionia fuels the fires.
  • Eventually, they are integrated into the Empire, and will become the dominate culture by the time of Bannerlord (our explanation for the shift from Latin to Greek / Byzantine style). 
  • However, as a player, you'll have the option to prevent this from ever happening. 
  • What would happen if the Laconians never join the Empire?
  • Themed on the Parthian Empire

Germanic Tribes
  • Will be made up of three tribes

Please support the hard work of our team!

Hello plebeians!

I know we previously said we would not set-up a Patreon, but unfortunately the hours required to work on this mod have been much longer than expected.

One of our primary modelers, Garrettich (responsible for a lot of the Roman / upcoming Hellenistic assets that you see), will be forced to return to the military soon. After serving four years in the military, he had received funding for up to a year off. Since this time is almost up, he will likely need to return to make a living. Progress on the mod will drastically slow down once we lose him.

Our hope is that through Patreon and selling models, we may be able to delay his return for a while yet!

So if you support the mod, love his models and the effort he puts in, please consider signing up at the link below!
100% of funds will go to trying to support Garrettich so he can keep making glorious models for you to enjoy!

Please find the Patreon here!

If you have suggestions or feedback, stop by the Calradia Awakens Discord where we take up a corner.
Eagle Rising
Leave an endorsement if you enjoy the mod and would like to see it more developed!




Implemented Factions
  • Rome (Empire)
  • Dacia (Dryatics, currently positioned in Vlandian territory, will be altered later)
  • Scythia / Sarmatia (Khuzait)
  • Celts (Battania)
  • Carthage (Aserai, territory will be adjusted later)

Armory System
  • From a town, go to the "Smithing guild", from here there will be two options:
  • Public Armory - This won't include the best items, but still has a good range and is available to all
  • Faction Armory - Includes public armory items but also includes the best gear. Must be a mercenary or lord of the owning faction to use this option.

Specialist Mechanic, press Ctrl + M to use this
  • You will default to either your starting culture (if not in a kingdom) or your kingdoms culture. You will unlock more specialist units as your clan tier increases. 
  • This includes officers, standard bearers, bodyguards, and in the future other special units (such as elephants, engineers, etc).
New Bodyguard feature (recruited as part of the specialists).
  • As an example, Praetorians for Rome, and other specific bodyguard units from other factions. They will follow you in towns
Settlement Infrastructure

  • These replace the daily projects and can drastically improve towns
  • This is an over simplified explanation of the infrastructure levels (will expand in more detail over time):
  • Urban Infrastructure - Increases overcrowding penalty cap, allowing you to sustain larger populations before negative effects kick in. Food storage limit is increased with each level
  • Rural Infrastructure - More food production > more prosperity > more taxes
  • Civil Infrastructure - Provides influence and loyalty
  • Military Infrastructure - More Militia / Garrisons

Realistic Battle Mod
RBM AI Module: I cannot recommend EVER playing Bannerlord without the AI Module. Please use this for the full gaming experience, especially with Eagle Rising.
RBM Combat Module: This is not compatible with our mod. Do not try. If you have floating gladii and sheaths, this is why. Disable the module in settings, you may need to start a new game if you started with it enabled.
RBM Tournament Module: I do not recommend having this enabled, as I believe it will pull in vanilla items and weapons.
 The latest update to RBM combines AI / Combat / Tournament modes in a single module. You will need to open the mod settings and change the "Module Status" for the Combat / Tournament portion to disabled.

If you are making these changes after starting a game, you'll need to start a new game.As mentioned in setup instructions, ER needs to be loaded last. (edited)

Serve As Soldier
Currently (8/17/2022) there is a bug with Serve as Soldier thanks to a hotfix from TW. In order for it to work, you need to open the settings.xml in Modules\ServeAsSoldier and change the <AIRecruitWanders>true</AIRecruitWanders> setting to <AIRecruitWanders>false</AIRecruitWanders>.
You also need to download the Additional_Troops.xml from our Nexus and replace the same file in ServeAsSoldier\ModuleData in order to be able to select every troop.

Do not use the SaS Fix mod - I'm not 100% certain but users who have used this have reported a random crash later in the game. If you are applying this after already starting a game, then you'll have to start a new game.

Calradia Expanded 1.8.0 (available on the CE discord) / Europe Campaign Map (when released)
 No compatibility patch is required, simply load Calradia Expanded (Map only) below ER. If you guys really really want the Latinized names, I can make a compat patch for this, but I'm thinking to wait until we've done more around the map before it is really needed. Currently the version on their discord is compatible (or if it has been uploaded to the Nexus post time of writing.)

Likewise, the Europe Campaign map will be compatible, it just needs to be lower in the load order. We will be making an official patch rearranging things once the Germanic faction is in game.

Other troop mods / overhauls
These are not compatible, for obvious reasons
Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms
No longer compatible.





If you'd like to help develop the mod, and have a major impact on the direction we take, please consider joining us!
We really need the help!
OUR DISCORD: Calradia Awakens Discord 

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Please respect Mod authors - we spend a lot of our personal time to make free content for you.
Insulting us because you do not like our mods or spamming us is incredibly rude.

Blood and Smoke
Off-hand weapons as a shield

Our donors and patreon supporters- they help keep one of our primary modelers, Garrettich, able to keep making the beautiful assets you see. All donations are going towards helping keep him able to support himself and the mod! You can read more about the situation under posts.

Everyone at the discord channel for always being amazing.

The Team - in no particular order (Please note, this does not reflect how many people are actively working on the mod)
BenjiG91 / KingKilo / Plebeian Kilo - Whatever needs doing
Garrettich - 3D
Cjiaba - 3D
Scorillo - 3D
LL Muse - C# / Scripts
Roon - Art
Lake, Sam / ChickenAlfredo - Community Manager
Price - 2D
Sky, Elephant - Admin / Mods
Genava / Ambactos, Goblin CEO, Halluwarduz - Research
GeorgeHammond - Music
Coronan The Barbarian - Scenes

Retired or assets no longer used but still greatly appreciated for their previous work:
Yohan / Hangyu5

Other honorable mentions:
GulagEnabler's amazing Pfrondorf Masked Helm for the empire, make sure to check out their upcoming mod Burning Empires 
AnOldRetiredElephant / ShooterPerson11 - Various donations / Admin - check out "Crossing the Rubicon"
Dawa and his amazing recurve bows! Please check out his work and also support Shokuho - a complete total conversion set during Japan's samurai era. He also helped with getting spear troops to hold their spear upright.
Celticus, you may be aware of many of his high quality Total War HD mods already. We take inspiration from a lot of his hand-made shield designs! So please make sure to check out his mods. Check out his current project for CK3 Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
TaleWorlds for making such awesome games, and being very supportive / helpful to the modding community
The community at the Mount & Blade modding discord for the support / information that is shared
Modbrowse for his donation of the "cloaked chainmail shoulders"
Nikola Roglic, for donating his Arminius helm!
The Burning Empires Team - We work closely with these folks and have a powerful alliance!
In the next update
Followers by TheOfficialCatto - Base / concept was used by LL Muse for the body guard feature found for certain specialists
Spear Rework by iyansky13 - We use a modified version of this for our spears!