Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

A Calradic Antiquity mod
Under active development.

Glory to the Empire!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • German
OUR DISCORD: Eagle Rising

Please consider the current version fo Eagle Rising as a framework / platform for our future sub mods.
  • We initially set-off to recreate Calradia in its past - not by want but by necessity as we didn't have anyone to create a campaign map.
  • With Lemmy's Europe Map - this has been alleviated. Due to polls taken, we will likely shift fully to the Europe Map AFTER the 3.2.0 release.

Future Plans:
  • We have been taking polls in our discord, and it seems with a 4:1 ratio, most of our users would prefer us to go full Europe Map. This would mean we would have an anachronistic faction line-up initially, but we plan for the main ER mod to be a framework of sorts - with historically accurate sub-mods released down the line.
  • Hellenic faction line-up is next as we already promised we would do this.
  • First sub-mod covered will be in the Imperial era - set around the year of the four emperors. ACAN will be a heavy inspiration for us.
  • We may do Marian and Polybian mods down the line.

Please support the hard work of our team!

Hello plebeians!

I know we previously said we would not set-up a Patreon, but unfortunately the hours required to work on this mod have been much longer than expected.

One of our primary modelers, Garrettich (responsible for a lot of the Roman / upcoming Hellenistic assets that you see), will be forced to return to the military soon. After serving four years in the military, he had received funding for up to a year off. Since this time is almost up, he will likely need to return to make a living. Progress on the mod will drastically slow down once we lose him.

Our hope is that through Patreon and selling models, we may be able to delay his return for a while yet!

So if you support the mod, love his models and the effort he puts in, please consider signing up at the link below!
100% of funds will go to trying to support Garrettich so he can keep making glorious models for you to enjoy!

Please find the Patreon here!
If you have suggestions or feedback, stop by the Calradia Awakens Discord where we take up a corner.

We are now on the Steam workshop, DO NOT use both the vortex / manual + steam workshop versions together - only use one or the other.
  • Please note that we can only have one version of Eagle Rising - this means if we release a game breaking update, your save could break. In this case you can either stick to the Nexus version, or swap over when it happens.

Eagle Rising
Leave an endorsement if you enjoy the mod and would like to see it more developed!

More info is better, but if at the very least this is not followed, your issue will be ignored.
  • Bannerlord Version:
  • Mod Version:
  • Issue:
  • Reproduction Steps:
  • Additional Info:
  • Other Mods:
  • Load Order:
  • Followed Installation Instructions:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Enable
  • Put CA_EagleRising at the bottom of your load order and enable it.
  • Make sure you have Harmony installed, it should be at the top of your load order.
  • Have fun
  • Download
  • Unzip
  • Drag the CA_EagleRising folder to your Bannerlord\Modules folder.
  • Unblock DLL files (see below)
  • Launch via Steam, and select the mods tab
  • Move CA_EagleRising to the bottom of the load order and enable it
  • Play the game

You will need to perform this extra step:
Unblock DLL files
  • DLL files will need to be unblocked if installing manually by going to the CA_EagleRising\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client, right clicking the DLL file, go to properties and press Unblock. If it is not there, it is already unblocked.

  • Download new version
  • Unzip new version
  • Delete existing old CA_EagleRising folder
  • Move new CA_EagleRising folder to your modules folder
  • OR update via Vortex

  • Harmony
  • Native
  • Sandbox Core
  • CustomBattle
  • Sandbox
  • StoryMode
  • Other Mods (if you're facing an issue, please remove these first)
  • RBM
  • From 3.2.0 onwards: IF USING EUROPE MAP: Lemmy's Europe Map
  • CA_EagleRising
  • From 3.2.0 onwards: IF USING EUROPE MAP: Eagle Rising Europe Map Sub-mod

Implemented Factions
  • Rome / Calradii (Empire)
  • Dacia / Dryatics (Vlandia)
  • Scythia / Sarmatia / Scyth (Khuzait)
  • Celts / Battanii (Battania)
  • Carthage / Qutsith (Aserai)
  • Germanics (Sturgia)

Armory System
  • From a town, go to the "Smithing guild", from here there will be two options:
  • Public Armory - This won't include the best items, but still has a good range and is available to all
  • Faction Armory - Includes public armory items but also includes the best gear. Must be a mercenary or lord of the owning faction to use this option.

Specialist Mechanic, press Ctrl + M to use this
  • You will default to either your starting culture (if not in a kingdom) or your kingdoms culture. You will unlock more specialist units as your clan tier increases. 
  • This includes officers, standard bearers, bodyguards, and in the future other special units (such as elephants, engineers, etc).

New Bodyguard feature (recruited as part of the specialists).
  • As an example, Praetorians for Rome, and other specific bodyguard units from other factions. They will follow you in towns Disabled due to a new bug.

Settlement Infrastructure
  • These replace the daily projects and can drastically improve towns
  • This is an over simplified explanation of the infrastructure levels (will expand in more detail over time):
  • Urban Infrastructure - Increases overcrowding penalty cap, allowing you to sustain larger populations before negative effects kick in. Food storage limit is increased with each level
  • Rural Infrastructure - More food production > more prosperity > more taxes
  • Civil Infrastructure - Provides influence and loyalty
  • Military Infrastructure - More Militia / Garrisons

RBM is required, including the combat module.

Lemmy's Europe Map
  • If you want to use this with the Europe Map, the ER Europe Map sub-mod is required.
  • RBM > Europe Map > ER > ER Europe Map Sub-Mod (As of v3.2.0)
  • There are some known incompatibilities with BK - use at your own risk. We plan to sort out how we can get this corrected in the future.
  • BK will interfere with recruitment and possibly result in some crashes when interfacing with villages.
Mods messing with party size will disable benefits from specialists.
Other troop mods / overhauls -These are not compatible, for obvious reasons

  • Custom troops cannot be used in Custom Battle. If you want to do this, you need a separate mod.
  • If you want the troop ID's, they can be found in CA_EagleRising > Module Data > troops
  • Germanic armor currently hides the body, and you will getclipping / invisible body parts if used with assets from other cultures.
  • Balance – a never ending pain. We hope to come up withinteresting ways to increase balance without eliminating fun.
  • Roman faction is quite over-powered due to how well thegladii works with RBM - Combat module. We don't want to nerf the gladii, but
    we'll be considering other ways to balance out the empire for future updates. Just consider them as "EZ" mode if you're playing as them, and hard mode if you're playing against them.
If you'd like to help develop the mod, and have a major impact on the direction we take, please consider joining us!
We really need the help!
OUR DISCORD: Eagle Rising

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Note: Please do not report issues or seek support for our mod on their pages!

Blood and Smoke
  • Our donors and patreon supporters- they help keep one of our primary modelers, Garrettich, able to keep making the beautiful assets you see. All donations are going towards helping keep him able to support himself and the mod! You can read more about the situation under posts.
  • Everyone at the discord channel for always being amazing.

Team - in no particular order (please note, this does not reflect how many people are actively working on the mod)

  • BenjiG91 / KingKilo / Plebeian Kilo - Lead
  • Garrettich, Cjiaba, Chase  - 3D
  • LL Muse - C# / Scripts
  • Alexander Drakos, Hafgar, TheIllusiveMan - XML
  • Roon, Price - Art and 2D
  • Lake, Sam / ChickenAlfredo, Thrash, Sky, Elephant - Community Manager or Admins
  • Genava / Ambactos, Goblin CEO, Halluwarduz - Research
  • GeorgeHammond - Music
  • Coronan The Barbarian, JKU, gtaandmoreyep - Scenes

Retired or assets no longer used but still greatly appreciated for their previous work:
  • Scorillo
  • Yohan / Hangyu5
  • Ferduhrer
  • Fjordor
  • Segiu

Other honorable mentions:
  • GulagEnabler's amazing Pfrondorf Masked Helm for the empire and Legatus Set, make sure to check out their upcoming mod Burning Empires 
  • AnOldRetiredElephant / ShooterPerson11 - Various donations / Admin - check out "Crossing the Rubicon"
  • Dawa and his amazing recurve bows! Please check out his work and also support Shokuho - a complete total conversion set during Japan's samurai era. He also helped with getting spear troops to hold their spear upright.
  • Celticus, you may be aware of many of his high quality Total War HD mods already. We take inspiration from a lot of his hand-made shield designs! So please make sure to check out his mods. Check out his current project for CK3 Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
  • TaleWorlds for making such awesome games, and being very supportive / helpful to the modding community
  • The community at the Mount & Blade modding discord for the support / information that is shared
  • Modbrowse for his donation of the "cloaked chainmail shoulders"
  • Nikola Roglic, for donating his Arminius helm!
  • The Burning Empires Team - We work closely with these folks and have a powerful alliance!
  • Followers by TheOfficialCatto - Base / concept was used by LL Muse for the body guard feature found for certain specialists
  • Spear Rework by iyansky13 - We used a modified version for our spears, but have now moved to RBM.