Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Your #1 stop for all your custom armor needs!
Combines existing popular armor mods.
Adds 250+ new custom armors!
Compatible with 1.5.6 and later versions.
Open Source!
Largest custom armor pack so far!

Permissions and credits
Open Source Armory

Greetings Warriors!

HalfMetalJacket, Apolon21, Diakonus, Genrev Pogi and I are very pleased to present the Open Source Armory project! This mod combines all our published armor/apparel mods into a single file for easy compatibility with your favorite troop mods, with bug fixes, optimizations and some exclusive never-seen-before items!

All the armors are 100% lore friendly and are tailored around the established aesthetics of the vanilla factions. All armors are balanced and set to appear in the stores in towns across Calradia - for a price!

If you have any requests for custom armors you would like to see added in the future, make sure to comment in the Posts section, and we will see what we can do!

NOTE: Users report visual bugs and glitches when using some armor mods with game versions e1.5.5 and earlier. This is a vanilla incompatibility, and so it is HIGHLY recommended you use versions e1.5.6 and above.


  • 208 new custom helmets: 36 Aserai, 30 Battanian, 68 Imperial, 16 Khuzait, 24 Sturgian & 34 Vlandian.
  • 33 new custom capes: 3 Aserai, 2 Battanian, 19 Imperial, 2 Khuzait, 6 Sturgian & 1 Vlandian.
  • 19 new custom body armors: 2 Aserai, 12 Imperial, 1 Khuzait, 1 Sturgian & 3 Vlandian.
  • 2 new custom leg armors: 1 Imperial & 1 Khuzait.
  • 1 new custom arm armor: 1 Imperial.

NOTE: Thanks to Areldir, the Open Source Armory has a compatibility patch for Realistic Battle Mod. With the patch, all items added here are 100% compatible with that mod.

  • Download and extract to the modules folder.
  • Profit!

This is an open source project, so all mod authors and community members are free to use it as they wish. However, we ask that if you are planning to use these items in your mod, please link to this mod as a required file, rather than directly integrating the assets into your files. This project has taken several people hundreds of hours to create, so we greatly appreciate you respecting our permissions.

Areldir - Calradian Reforms
HalfMetalJacket - More Troops Mod
Apolon21 - Armor pack
Diakonus - Solar Helmets
Genrev - New Equipment, YouTube: Bannerlab