Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

The #1 stop for all your custom armor needs!
Combines existing popular armor mods.
Adds 1,600+ new custom armors!
Adds 73 new shields and 113 weapons!
Compatible with 1.1.0 and later versions.
Largest custom armor pack so far!

Permissions and credits
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  • Russian
  • Polish
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Open Source Armory

Greetings Warriors!

HalfMetalJacket, Apolon21, Diakonus, Genrev Pogi, Terco_Viejo, AlphaOmegaMan, Maverick_Knight, Philozoraptor, Basileus, Balbor, Dzor7266, Lemanier, Alexander Drakos and I are very pleased to present the Open Source Armory project! This mod combines all our published armor/weapon/item mods into a single file for easy compatibility with your favorite troop mods, with bug fixes, optimizations and some exclusive never-seen-before items!

All the items are 100% lore friendly and are tailored around the established aesthetics of the vanilla game. Wherever possible, real historical examples of armors/weapons have been used as inspiration, with low fantasy concepts filling the gaps - just like the vanilla items our mod is based on.

All items are balanced and set to appear in the stores in towns across Calradia - for a price! However, items will not appear on NPCs - you will need a dedicated troop overhaul mod for that! If you are loading the OSA on your existing Bannerlord campaign, be prepared to wait several in-game weeks for items to appear in shops, as it takes a while for the shop inventories to reset.

If you have any requests for custom armors you would like to see added in the future, make sure to comment in the Posts section, and we will see what we can do! Please keep discussions constructive. We are a completely volunteer team who mod as a hobby. The OSA is a 100% not for profit passion project - just the way it should be!

The OSA now has official Discord channels over at the Calradian Reforms Discord server. Join now at:

NOTE: The OSA now relies on assets included by Taleworlds in version v1.1.0. As such, version 1.15.0 of the OSA onwards will require a version 1.1.x installation of Bannerlord.

NOTE #2: Due to changes made in version 1.16.0, it is highly recommended you delete all OSA files from your /modules folder BEFORE you update to the new version. It appears that simply overwriting the existing files from earlier versions is causing glitches and crashes.


Open Source Armory

  • 897 new custom helmets: 151 Aserai, 166 Battanian, 194 Imperial, 115 Khuzait, 113 Sturgian & 158 Vlandian.
  • 296 new custom capes: 54 Aserai, 69 Battanian, 81 Imperial, 34 Khuzait, 32 Sturgian & 26 Vlandian.
  • 348 new custom body armors: 72 Aserai, 59 Battanian, 72 Imperial, 40 Khuzait, 43 Sturgian & 62 Vlandian.
  • 70 new custom leg armors: 12 Aserai, 31 Battanian, 11 Imperial, 7 Khuzait, 2 Sturgian & 7 Vlandian.
  • 50 new custom arm armor: 4 Aserai, 18 Battanian, 9 Imperial, 3 Khuzait, 7 Sturgian & 9 Vlandian.

Open Source Weaponry

  • 73 new custom shields: 13 Aserai, 17 Battanian, 20 Imperial, 9 Khuzait, 8 Sturgian & 6 Vlandian.
  • 113 new custom weapons and weapon parts.

Open Source Saddlery

  • 61 new custom horse armors: 15 Aserai, 22 Imperial, 12 Khuzait & 12 Vlandian.
  • 10 new custom camel armors.

NOTE: Thanks to Areldir, Maverick_Knight, Philozoraptor, Basileus and Balbor, the Open Source Armory has a compatibility patch for Realistic Battle Mod. With the patch, all items added here are 100% compatible with that mod.

  • Delete any previous versions of the OSA installed on your PC.
  • Download and extract, or to your modules folder. If using Realistic Battle Mod, make sure to follow the same process with the patches.
  • If using Realistic Battle Mod, make sure the OSA and associated patches load AFTER RBM in the launcher.
  • Profit!

NOTE: Due to changes made in version 1.16.0, it is highly recommended you delete all OSA files from your /modules folder BEFORE you update to the new version. It appears that simply overwriting the existing files from earlier versions is causing glitches and crashes.

This project contains assets compiled from a number of open source repositories, as well as the game files of Mount and Blade Bannerlord. The Open Source Armory Team gives permission for mod authors and community members to use the items included in this mod on the condition that they link to the Open Source Armory as a required file, rather than directly integrating the assets into their own mod files. This is due to the integration of assets into the Open Source Armory that were given specific permission for distribution here, but not for redistribution by others. We greatly appreciate you for respecting our permissions.

Areldir - Calradian Reforms - Project Lead, Asset Contribution
HalfMetalJacket - More Troops Mod - Asset Contribution, Testing
Apolon21 - Armor pack - Asset Contribution
Diakonus - Solar Helmets - Asset Contribution
Genrev - New Equipment, YouTube: Bannerlab - Asset Contribution
Terco_Viejo - Asset Contribution
AlphaOmegaMan - Bannerlord Immersion Project - Asset Contribution
Maverick_Knight - Code Contribution, Testing
Philozoraptor - Realistic Battle Mod - Code Contribution
Basileus - Populations Of Calradia - Code Contribution
Balbor - RBM-OSA Weapon Descriptions Patch - Code Contribution
Badger - Asset Contribution
Dzor7266 - Asset Contribution
Lemanier - Asset Contribution
Alexander Drakos - Asset Contribution