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Anno Domini 1259 is a total conversion mod meant to be enjoyed with Lemmy1916's Europe Campaign Map mod. The mod converts kingdoms, clans, nobles, settlements and troops to a 13th century Europe setting.

v1.2.1 released!
Bannerlord v1.0.3

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This mod is in no way affiliated with the team/creators of the  "Anno Domini 1257" mod for Mount&Blade Warband and should not reflect on the quality of it. It is, however, heavily inspired by it.


Consider the Discord if you've got technical issues, it is far easier for us to help you there.

Anno Domini 1259 attempts to recreate 13th  century Europe in Bannerlord and is intended to be enjoyed with Lemmy1916's Europe Campaign Map
Heavily inspired by the related Warband modification AD1257 (practically ever lord and their house are from AD1257, as well as the troop trees are heavily inspired by AD1257) and Medieval Europe by Starter Noob & noban, this project started because whilst I enjoyed the latter mod, I wanted to clean up any left over stuff from native Bannerlord. The mod converts almost every aspect of the game into a 13th century European counterpart.

Due to some limitations with the map, certain historical inaccuracies are present. For example, since the kingdom in the region of Italy is a single kingdom, I opted to make the entire kingdom Sicily. Similarly, the entire Iberian peninsula is ruled by Castile, the British isles by England, Scandinavia entirely by Sweden and Hungary is part of the Polish Principalities. Future versions will see the addition of the smaller kingdoms that were historically present

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or join the Discord for feedback!

For Bannerlord v1.0.3

I suggest finding out all the features by playing! But if you really want to know:


Europe Campaign Map version 1.0.3 (ECM_103B)
Swadian armoury latest version
Open Source Armory + Weaponry + Saddlery latest version
CustomSpawns API For Bannerlord v.1.0.X (download the version 1.9.3 of the CustomSpawns file ) - DO NOT DOWNLOAD CALRADIA AT WAR
POC color randomizer (not mandatory but highly suggested for the true experience)

and of course, the above mods' respective requirements

show all of these mods your appreciation with an endorsement! we would not be here without them :)

POC color randomizer (this will allow lords & their troops to have their own clan colors — a config preset for this will be in the main file download)
Settlement Icons - Redesign  (this will color the names of settlements on the map much like Warband —  a config preset for this can be found in optional files)

The following mods have been reported by users as compatible:

The following have been reported as conflicting:
Banner Kings, after testing I get a 100% crash after around 100 days in-game
Realistic Battle Mod, tournament and combat module

I cannot guarantee compatibility of mods not listed here. (but do let me know what mods you found are perfectly compatible!)

the AD 1259 team:
cyberjerusalem - for designing many of the mercenary factions and their troop trees aswell as bandit troop trees
Diamond545 - for custom made 3D assets!

Lemmy1916 - the true medieval europe experience could simply not be had without a functioning Europe map!
gnivler - for letting us use some of his code
Starter Noob & noban - for the original Medieval Europe conversion that inspired me to start working on this one, as well as being able to use their mod to learn a bunch about simple .xml modding
Realm of Thrones & CA Eagle Rising mods - these mods, as well as Medieval Europe were a very useful tool to be able to dig around their files in and learn how many aspects of .xml modification works.
The AD1257 team for the warband modification - for an amazing mod that I have spent many hours on, and heavily inspired me to make this one. Almost every lord I chose to add in the game is used in AD1257.

NOTE: This mod is in no way affiliated with the team/creators of the  "Anno Domini 1257" mod for Mount&Blade  Warband and should not reflect on the quality of it. It is, however, heavily inspired by it.