Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A mod that provides over 600 NEW units to the game, expanding existing troops to Tier 12 or 13! Upgrade your troops a ton of time.

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V1.225 UPGRADE TO THIS ASAP. Some Max level stuff possibly causing problems.
V1.223 More Fixes for weird upgrades/troop gear/troop children! UPGRADE TO THIS IMMEDIATELY I RECOMMEND!

V1.22 Added 7 Troops (The Wilding upgrade line for Battanian's needed to be added).
V1.21 Added 16 Troops (Sword Sister Upgrades were not present in game, I might have had some old version but decided to redo them completely)

*A reminder you can use this mod without the Custom Spawns Clean API, simply don't download it or disable it. This just means you wont get extra troop spawns on the map!

This mods aim is to provide upgrades to tier 12/13 for all units in the game. This is a mod made for people who like more for the sake of more and I was just going to use it for myself but decided to share with everyone. So far this mod contains over 600 new units for  the game, which have altered stats and changed weapons and armours that exist in the game.

All of the main faction units are upgradeable to tier 12, as well as many of the factions more specialised unit lines but more work needs to be done in that area. Also the bandits are all fully upgradable. There is also a specialised complete new faction of troops known as Felinas.

If you use the Tier 7-13 Mod then all the units tier's will be displayed correctly, otherwise everything above Tier 7 will be listed as Tier 7

The AI kingdoms/factions and bandit/mercenaries will also be able to upgrade their troops as well, so you may well find them with some tier 10+ units a times.

This mod requires the OSP Armory Mods as a 100% must, The Custom spawns and T7-13 Units mods add a lot of things the mod does too though.

This mod is likely to not work well with any mods that change the unit upgrades of any of the current strongest units in the game. However any unit mods that don't do this should work perfectly fine with this mod.

Download the 'Boogies Troop Upgrades' latest version and unzip it into your 'Modules' folder contained within your Banner lord folder.
Also download either *Calradia At War(Custom Spawns)" or the "Clean API". Also copy these to your modules folder.
Optionally you don't have to use the Calradia At War or Clean API if you do not want this mod to spawn additional parties on the map.

Even though I'm relatively surely this mod won't be responsible for ruining your save game, I'm not going to 100% make that guarantee. Also it should work okay with an existing save. However be warned your save will become dependant on the units in this mod existing once u have used it.