Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Sturgian Noble Infantry. Battanian Common Archers. Rebalanced Vanilla Troops. ATC Auxiliary Troops. Badass minor faction troops. All this and more!

Permissions and credits
Requires: ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer. Adonnay has made is some amazing stuff, and this mod would not be possible with out it. But be warned that if it doesn't work, then neither will this mod. Such is EA.

A HUGE thanks to DrunkenFrenchMan, and by extension the Calradia Awakens Team for letting me use one of their assets. Have a guess at which one. 

And a massive thanks to ADamnSexyName (leopoldtwo) for their amazing Helmets! To use with my mod, download the optional Vlandian modules.

By the way, if you want serious historical accuracy, you have to download DrunkenFrenchman's Blood Shit and Iron. Even if you use my mod, you better go and endorse his mod too. Seriously. Without it, many of the ideas in this mod would have never come about.

But anyway, about my mod.

Have you ever wanted Sturgian Noble Infantry? Maybe Battanian Common Archers? Perhaps better vanilla troops? Auxiliary troop trees? Recruitable minor troops? Or maybe you just to see troops inspired by my Warband headcannon.

...then perhaps you'll enjoy this mod.

About the mod
I really like the variety of troops in Bannerlord, however there are some obvious best troops. At the same time, skills don't seem to vary wildly enough, so troops end up feeling a bit samey. So I learned some XML, made a mediocre Battania mod. Because an archer faction with few archers is complete nonsense.

Then I saw other issues. The Imperials and Khuzait powercreeping everyone. Weak Vlandian Cavalry. Sad Sturgians. Average Aserai. Unrecruitable minor faction troops. Stupid armour values. There was so much work to be done, and so I decided to try fix everything else. And I will continue to do so until there is nothing left, or Prophesy of Pendor Bannerlord comes out.

A few things to note about my design process
  • At its root, I am trying to maintain the feel of the vanilla game, while taking some liberties with headcannon or equipment here and there. 
  • Historical accuracy is a plus, but not a priority. I don't know if the Huns or Mongols used javelins for sure, but I decided to give it to them anyway. On the other hand, I will avoid zweihanders and plate armour at all costs.
  • I strive to make each and every soldier unique in purpose. To that end, I've made charts, pitted them against each other in the Enhanced Battle Test and even looked through every single skill template to find a pattern for their skills. I've even gone through the trouble of creating an excel spreadsheet for this mod.
  • More is better, but if its more shit then that's not better. When I thought about adding extra troops to each troop tree, I gave some serious thought about what each and every faction actually needs. So do not expect Battanian super heavy infantry, Khuzait Samurai or Sturgian Valkyries.
  • STURGIA ARE NOT NORDS. But I do think they should look like a super early Kievan Rus, so no kite shields either. I hope the balance between the two works.
  • NO VLANDIAN LONGBOWS. The Vlandians are the ancestors of the Rhodoks and Swadians, guys who use crossbows. They are absolutely not the 14th century English. And it makes no sense for them to have longbows anyway. So forget it. If you want them that badly, hire some Brotherhood of the Woods archers.
  • On a side note, I am disappointed with Vlandia as a faction. They are supposed to be Norman-esque, and yet TW has decided to make them into copy paste Swadians without cool shit like great helms. If someone releases some cool 10th century armour for the Normans, I'll be doing everything I can to implement them into my own vision of Vlandia.

If you feel like there is an issue with my mod, don't be afraid to say so! Even if you want to tell me how derivative this mod is in the sea of Troop Overhauls, go ahead! At the end of the day, I made this for myself and thought I'd share this with everyone else. 

Technical stuff
To install, extract the contents of the ZIP and put the modules you want into the Modules folder of Bannerlord.

The changes are all in modular format, sorted by factions. That way, you could always choose which faction tree you'd rather you, or not although I would highly recommend using all of them.

I will emphasise this: this mod is made up of several module folders. Treat them each as though they are different mods.

A new save shouldn't be required, but I consider it ideal. Otherwise it takes time for old troops to be phased out. 

Do not use this mod with any mod that alters armour. I've made some changes to equipment. I love the Realistic Battle Mod as much as the next guy though, so expect an optional file to come out. Until then, you might want to delete the head, shoulder, body, arm and leg folders from the Realistic Battle Mod if you want to use it with More Troops.

If you don't like seeing loads and loads of extra troops in the Encyclopedia, then this mod won't be for you. There seems to be no known way of dealing with that issue.

General Changes
  • Modified equipment loadouts and stats to rebalance troops and add variety to appearance
  • Modified armour stats to better represent their appearance 
  • Added new weapons
  • Added new armour using existing meshes
  • Adjusted party templates to include my new troops
  • Vanilla unit spawns have been completely replaced by my troops
  • Added supplementary troop trees that spawn in settlements
  • Changed existing weapons to better match flavour
  • Enabled Armed traders to turn into minor faction troops
  • Disabled Vanilla Bandits from becoming noble troops
  • Added new bandit 'desperados' that can turn into noble troops

Faction Information
Be on the lookout for articles on each and every faction in the game. If not... well, learn about the troops yourself.

Main Factions







Minor Factions

Beni Zilal




Embers of the Flame

Hidden Hand

Legion of the Betrayed



Future Plans
  • Modifying all minor faction troops. I hate that they're so weak compared to the common troops, especially the Legion of the Betrayed and the Skolderbrotva. Expect updates to them, and do not worry about save issues. I have already added placeholders for all future additions and have drafted them up. For now though, enjoy the 'Luchthonn' Wolfskins.
  • Implementing roaming parties. One thing that I feel Bannerlord SEVERELY lacks is deserter parties. Here's hoping I work out how to do it.
  • Higher tier troops? I have thought about it myself and I'm not too sure about how to implement them. But it sounds like fun, so I'll try.
  • Integrating new equipment assets. If I see some cool new things, I'll be sure to add them. If you have stuff, you're more than welcome to give them too.
  • Cooler screenshots. My PC isn't crazy good, and I'm too lazy to shoop them. When I'm bothered, I'll be sure to try though.
  • Writing up some articles on different troops. Some lore and some tips will help to get you understand how my troops work.

Mods I like to use with More Troops
  • Mixed Gender Troops (Fixed) because you really want to spice up those Captivity events. To be serious, it actually works in tandem with my mod and I don't like weird female exclusive troops anyway. Who needs Valkyries when you can just have female Varyag Berserkers?
  • Distinguished Service is an absolutely brilliant mod and I can't recommend it enough. No issues using it with my mod what so ever.
  • Skill Effect Formula if you want your elites to actually feel more elite. I'll be honest though, I don't know if this mod even works anymore. But so far, its caused no issues. So maybe it does? On another note...
  • Equipment in Encyclopaedia absolutely works. If you want to really see some of the variety in the loadouts, this is a must have.
  • True Villagers. While True Brigands will absolutely not work with my mod, True Villagers will. This makes for some better militia, and I see no reason to mod them for myself when this already exists.
  • Bear my Banner. Ran this with zero issues. Really puts the banner in Bannerlord.
  • Realistic Battle Mod, but with a catch. If you use it, the balance of troops in this mod can go way off kilter. I might release a separate optional file down the line, but until then I advise you to delete armour xmls that come with the mod.