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Breaks up the Vanilla Kingdoms into several new kingdoms. Equaling 17 in total, with the new kingdoms having brand new clans! - Brigands update brings new bandits to the Shattered World!

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Welcome to ShatteredWorld!

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When updating remove the previous version of the mod and install the new one.

This is a new mod that I made to address the fact that I think Vanilla Bannerlord shares the same con as Vanilla Warband: A severe lack of Kingdoms. This mod breaks up the preexisting kingdoms into several smaller kingdoms, each similar in size and strength, equaling 17 total. Each Kingdom consists of at least 7 Major/Minor (Towns/Castles) fiefs, and at least 8 clans. All the new Kingdoms are made up of newly created clans! Numbering at about 60 totally new clans! Some kingdoms have more clans than others but the overall strength is relatively the same with few exceptions.

Brigands Update!- The newest update adds several new bandit factions to the ShatteredWorld. This is to better diversify bandits and to give more options for Bandit Roleplayers as well as addressing the fact that there are not enough bandits to go around for all the new Lords to farm and make money off of. Each new factions holds a certain theme (you might recognize them from my other mod.) And they all have looter spawning mentality. Meaning they will spawn throughout the entire map.

New Clan Compositions/Lords:

Each new Kingdom's Clans share roughly the same composition and trait types. This is to address balancing. All new Kingdom's have their Tier 6 Ruler clan, at least 1 other Tier 5 clan, and an assortment of 2-4 Tier clans. Most of the Clan's leaders are married and have children to carry on the clan and to marry off. Some of the Clan's have no inner relation besides being in the Clan so that there are more options for marriage amongst them.

This mod adds over 250 new lords to the game. This can cause severe burden on the game and the game will sometimes delay, especially when a fief changes rulers, but its very very brief and hardly game breaking.

A big part of the New Kingdoms domination is the fact that they all have abnormally high commander skills such as Tactics, Stewardship, and Leadership which greatly impact autocalc battles. Next update I will be adjusting these to be more realistic and more personalized between the lords. Will also be adjusting Traits. This has been fixed and adressed!

Broken up Kingdoms:

Vlandia: Broken into 2 Kingdoms - Vlandia, and Kingdom of Vraithia
Battania: Broken into 2 Kingdoms - Battania and Creahan Confederacy
Sturgia: Broken into 3 Kingdoms - Sturgia, Ketilsson Earldom, and Erfeldon Earldom
Khuzait: Broken into 2 Kingdoms - Khuzait and Khenshin Horde
Aserai: Broken into 3 Kingdoms - Aserai, Zuqir Sultanate, Tunita Sultanate
N. Empire: Broken into 2 Kingdoms - Northern Empire and Asteoton Empire
W. Empire: Broken up and some territories given to New Kingdoms
S. Empire: Broken into 2 Kingdoms - Southern Empire and Phastean Empire


Extract the the Zipfile and take the two folders inside the Mod folder and place them into Modules in your Bannerlord Steam Library.

This mod was made using Calradia Expanded as a base so this is a requirement. Big thanks to Drezavelt for the amazing mod!

There are two folders: ShatteredWorldMaster and ShatteredWorld. When Installing this mod ShatteredWorldMaster goes above some of the native modules and its also important that CalradiaExpanded is above the 2nd module ShatteredWorld like so:



I have tested compatibility with several mods such as CalradiaAwakens and CA: EagleRising. They do both work with this mod but need to be loaded in specific order: The ShatteredWorld Folder must be loaded after these mod's secondary folders like for instance the CalradiaAwakens installation like so:

CA-ImportantLoadatTopAboveNative (CalradiaAwakensFolder)

CalradiaAwakensItems (CalradiaAwakensFolder)
CalradiaAwakensKingdoms (CalradiaAwakensFolder)


This will allow the mods to work together. Same installation type for EagleRising and the likes.


I have a lot of plans for this mod including the following:
New Cultures for each new Kingdom
Troop trees for each new Kingdom
Other miscellaneous units for each new kingdom.
And so on.

Current State:

The mod is 100% playable right now, but there are some things unfinished like how the New Aserai Kingdom's Lords all have similar appearances. This is a painstaking part of making mods like these and I will make each lord more unique in future updates, I just wanted to get the base out for feedback and such. Each new lord has similar proficiencies for the same reason as well as balancing. And traits also for the same reason except the similar traits are more for balancing and making sure clans just don't dip out of kingdoms instantly. Each new lord does have a unique name though as does each clan, and also unique banners for the new kingdoms and clans which I will work to make more unique as well in future updates. This has been updated! :D I severely recommend putting recruitment difficulty to very easy when using this mod. There are a bunch of lords vying for those recruits so unless you want a very hard challenge don't set it to normal.

Recommended Mods:

ChaoticCalradia - My other mod.
Deadmod Pack - by Cheyron (Particularly for the DiplomacyFixes Mod which will open the horizons up for the new kingdoms.)
Swadian Armory - by ADamnSexyName (Because the new troop trees imma make will require this but also because its just an awesome mod.)
IndependentHeroes - by Helokero13 (This can create even more clans for the new kingdoms to recruit.)
DistinguishedService - 8thor8 (New update pairs nicely with IndependentHero)
BannerlordTweaksUpdate - Jiros

And many many more!


Thanks for checking this out and trying it! If you guys like it please endorse! And leave any feedback!