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Welcome to Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms. This mod introduces 8 additional Kingdoms to the world of Calradia and reforges the existing Kingdoms of Calradia and their lands to fit the Calradia Expanded Universe. Nutshell: Kingdoms, Cultures, Troop Trees and Features all based in the Calradia Expanded campaign map.

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Welcome to Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms. This mod introduces 8 additional Kingdoms to the world of Calradia and reforges the existing Kingdoms of Calradia and their lands to fit the Calradia Expanded Universe.

While not lore friendly this mod adds extra troop trees, cultures and rejigs the world of Calradia into a world of struggle and strife. Steamrolling Kingdoms have been tamed and now there is a great mix of push and pull as the Kingdoms vie for dominance, and you can tip the balance forever in a lucky ruler's favour… or strike out on your own taking them down one Kingdom at a time.

These are a list of extra features that have been added in so far.

  • 9 new Kingdoms, 8 new Cultures. The main feature of CEK! Powered by Calradia Expanded, CEK makes use of the dozens of new settlements, distributing them to entirely new kingdoms, with new cultures, clans and troop trees. The Calradian continent is more chaotic than ever, and thus new opportunities unfold for adventures with nothing to lose, but much to gain...
  • Full troops & lords overhaul. Not only new kingdoms have their own new troops, vanilla troop trees were completely reworked - dozens and dozens of new items from Open Source Armoury have been distributed. Each troop tree is unique, troops are much more varied than vanilla, progressions more logical, all this while balance across all troop trees. Lords also benefit from this - there are much more unique presets they can pick from than lords to use them!

  • Ruins. There are now 13 ruins through out Calradia that you can find, explore, loot or just hide inside of. We have four different types of ruins; Towns, Castles, Villages and Misc (Used for alters/shrines/oddities). Each different type will reward you differently as you plunder them for forgotten riches and hidden treasures. However, while doing so you are at risk of being attacked by scum that may of made their homes within the ruins.
  • A Quest. Our first quest has also been added into the game. Its a rather simple one that could trigger as you visit the new ruins. We certainly hope to add more quests into the game in the future to add some more verity for your gameplay. If you are unlucky and it never triggers for you there is a console command in the below spoiler to make it trigger.
  • Docks. We have added in a Docks option on coastal towns. Inside the docks you can purchase a ride on a boat to all other coastal towns. The cost and travel times are different from town to town, simply click the destination you wish and wait while the boat travels around, once the time limit has been reached your party will appear at your destination. Future features will be added into the docks button in later updates.
  • Manhunters. We have added in Manhunters into Calradia once again. These parties have their own troop trees and have a 10% chance to spawn instead of looters. These groups will seek out looters and other undesirables to bring them to justice. 

Calradia Expanded:Kingdoms comes with 8 new cultures to be picked from, as well as new traits for vanilla cultures! Traits for each culture have been doubled, meaning that culture has 4 positive and 2 negative traits.

All cultural treats:

(and backstory)

The Apolssalians start with 6 towns and 5 castles. They are also at war with the Aserai and the Royalist Vlandians.
The Lyrions start with 5 towns and 3 castles. They are also at war with the Aserai, Khuzait and Khergit.
The Sturgia with 4 towns and 5 castles, they are at war with the Nordlings, the Paleicians and the Lake Rats.
The Nordings start with 5 towns and 5 castles, they are at war with the Khuzaits and the Strugians.
The Vagir start with just 2 towns and 3 castles, but are at war with no one... for now.
The Cortanian Vlandia start with 6 towns and 4 castles, they are at war with the Battanians, Royalist Vlandians and the Brotherhood of the woods.
Royalist Vlandia start with 5 towns and 6 castles, they are at war with the Cortainians and the Apolssalians.
The Paleician people start with 5 towns and 6 castles, they are at war with the Battanians and the Sturgians.
The Khuzait start with 4 towns and 7 castles, they are at war with Lyrion, Nordlings, Khergit and the Karakhergit.
The Khergit start with 4 towns and 4 castles, they are at war with the Lyrions and the Khuzait!
The Calradian Empire start with 5 towns and 4 castles, they are at war with the Aserai, the Dryatican Republic, the Western Empire, Eleftheroi, Embers of the Flame and the Hidden Hand.
The Dryatican Republic start with 4 towns and 8 castles, they are at war with the Calradian Empire and the Western Empire.
The Western Empire start with 5 towns and 5 castles, they are at war with the Calradian Empire, Dryatican Republic,  Eleftheroi, Embers of the Flame and the Hidden Hand.
The Ariorum start with just 1 town, but man, its a great town, grade A. I'd recommend the little tavern down on the water front, they do a great hog roast.

A light bit of backstory below!

Calradia Expanded Kingdoms introduces completely new troop trees to fight for it's new kingdoms, as well as a complete overhaul of vanilla troops. Troops in CEK are much more balanced and varied in comparison to vanilla gameplay. These are our main changes:

  • Logical skill and equipment progression. Every troop will aways advance to others of similar function, better equipment and skills. These advancements are gradual, meaning you won't ever see a peasant suddenly start fighting like a pro, or a leather-wearing soldier advance to plated armor. This means that all progression is coherent in CEK, and many discrepancies in vanilla game have been ironed out;
  • Restrictive equipment distribution. Troops equipment follows a different mindset in CEK. Unlike vanilla, you won't see non-nobles wearing extremely good armor, or weapons. The top tier equipment of each culture is restricted to it's lords and top noble troops. This furthers the gap between non-noble and noble troops: nobles not only have the best trainning available, they also have the best gear. Therefore, in general, troops in CEK are less armored, but will enjoy a gradual and significant improvement of equipment each tier;
  • Vast, coherent visual variety. Troops in CEK are more varied than you've ever seen, easily 20x more varied than vanilla counterparts. While vanilla troops have 1 to 3 presets, which usually share most of the gear, every single major faction troop in CEK has 9+ presets, all with different gear pieces, which are mix-and-matched by bannerlord, resulting in dozens of different looks. Despite this great variety, all gear is carefully selected, meaning they will always follow a coherent style and fit in an adequate armor range. Boosted by the power of Open Source Armoury, you'll also enjoy lot of new equipment your troops will be wearing;
  • Special troops. Some factions in CEK have extra troop trees: special troops that fulfill different roles not present in the main troop trees. These troops spawn in place of normal, non-noble recruits based on a certain % chance. This makes it possible that the main trees aren't cluttered with troops and non-logical progressions, which go against the mod philosophy. A good example: Battanian cavalry has been expanded and removed from non-noble troop trees, and instead has it's own tree, where it's progression is much more gradual and logical, as well as organized.

Now, to the troop trees.







Enhanced Edition
Enhanced is an optional extension of CEK for troops and lords. This version uses extra third party item mods to further increase the visual variety. Lords and specific troops of certain factions will spawn with these items. This module needs to be loaded BELOW CEK's module.
Current dependencies:

Example of lords with new gear!

POC Module
This module brings colours to your game! What it does:
  1. Full banner overhaul. Kingdoms have new, more colorful and intricate banners, and clans for each kingdom as well! Settlements will no longer carry a dull, 2-tone banner. Every clan has it's sigils and color schemes, but usually matching the palette of their kingdom peers and the style, of course!
  2. Randomized shield designs. Troops will bear a random design on their shield, picked from a kingdom-specific selection, making troop formations, specially shield walls, much more interesting to look at, as well as further distinguishing troops aesthetically. (Not implemented for all kingdoms yet)
  3. Randomized troop clothing colors. Aside from shields, each soldier will also pick a color for their clothing, based on a selection specific to their kingdom. While they will stick to a palette with similar colors, they will no longer all bear the same exact 2-tone match.
This module requires and is only possible with POC Color Randomizer.
Many banner and shield designs have been imported from CBU Pack 2.0, and a couple of them from the banners subreddit (sorry for not keeping track).

Give both of them your endorsement!

Increased Lord Parties
This optional increases the sizes of the parties that lords respawn with. This has a couple of consequences in gameplay:
  1. Kingdoms recover faster from major defeats. Because many lords will respawn, each with more troops, they can more quickly assemble into a army with significant power.
  2. Increased difficulty overall. Like number 1, because lords will recover faster, you'll have to be beating them down more.
  3. Lords are more safe against bandits. Specially relevant at late-game, when bandit parties are bigger. Without this optional, lords may fund themselves unable to recruit troops due to constantly running from bandits / being captured by bandit parties after respawning, effectively hindering the kingdom from developing it's army.

This mod requires you to already have Calradia Expanded, Harmony and Open Source Armory downloaded. Remember to unblock the .dll files if you are manually installing this mod otherwise it will crash on starting up.

Simply use the Vortex installer.
Or alternatively if you wish to install manually download the files and extract the rar files into -Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

Once installed make sure that your load order is as follows:

*Other utility mods*
*Vanilla modules*
Calradia Expanded
*Other Mods*
Open Source Armory
Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms

The mod works fine on 1.6.0

We recommend playing Sandbox, as not all storymode quests work properly with the new factions.

This mod is NOT save game compatible, you are required to have a fresh playthrough. If you remove this mod the save will stop working.

This mod will NOT work with any other mod that adds, removes or moves any settlements or bandit hideouts. Other than that it should work with everything else. But we have not tested it with loads of other mods.

Should you wish to play with your own custom troop trees make sure they are enabled after all the Calradia Expanded Kingdoms modules and they will (should) overwrite our ones. Should you wish to make your own custom troop trees for our new cultures take a look in the mods XML files to get the cultures names you need.

Quotes from users regarding other mod compatibility

nobuo55 - Cultured Start

From ChickenAlfredo & dw420 - Mods that seem to work so far

CA - Eagle Rising

1. Download the patch in the Files-Tab
2. Move and replace the files included in this patch in the "CalradiaExpandedKingdoms\ModuleData" folder.
3. Load Order:
For 1.5.9:
  • Harmony
  • CEK - Load First
  • CA - Eagle Rising - Load above native
  • Native
  • Sandbox Core
  • Sandbox
  • StoryMode
  • CustomBattle
  • CE
  • CA - Eagle Rising
  • CEK
  • OSA

For 1.5.10 and later versions:
  • Harmony
  • (CA - Eagle Rising - Load above native) Only in older versions of CA
  • Native
  • Sandbox Core
  • Sandbox
  • StoryMode
  • CustomBattle
  • CE
  • OSA
  • CA - Eagle Rising
  • CEK

While we’ve tested it a bunch we are sure some issues will pop up. We will fix them as soon as possible and update this section accordingly.

Manhunters - At the moment they are aggressive to everyone. We will update them in a future patch to make them only seek out looters and other bandits.

Troop Trees - Some copy and paste errors in unit stats. We will take a look over them and try and correct this for the next release. Their weapons and armour should still make higher tier troopers better than others.

CTD - Possible Solutions:

Suggestions are welcomed and we will take on board all suggestions, while we might not use them we will certainly consider them and take them into account for future updates and features.

We would also love some feedback regarding balance. So please if you notice something as you are playing let us know, preferably with a decent post explaining what you saw. 

Discord: Our Discord

Thank you for taking a look at this mod and hopefully downloading it. This project has been a long time in the making and we are glad to have finally released this version to you to enjoy. 

If you do enjoy this mod or just think its a cool idea please hit that Endorse button, it really does mean a lot to us mod makers so click that button and spread warm happy feelings around. <3

Hugs and loves from: 
Gauner - Coding (The heavy lifting.)
Basileus  - Troop Trees (Lots of boring text)
Drezavelt  - Faffing about. (Graphics and wordings.)

FiendishNeko - for making the Paleician and Lyrion background image for their culture. Go forth and check her out.

Jay Silver - She was a massive help with the wording for the new ruins and their description in general.  

SkeLeton Bones - For writing the quest dialog last minute for us (As I forgot - Drez.)

Hroikr - For helping out and for his helpful comments and suggestions in the development of this project.

Areldir & Apolon21 for allowing us to use their armours.

And to the TW Forum - Modding discord for its store of collected knowledge and helpful folks. A handy place for sure!