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Join the Talos Cult and embark on a conspiracy to kill the emperor.

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The Talos Cult Conspiracy


Have you ever wondered what the driving motivation for killing an emperor could be, for a group of emperor worshipping fanatics? What could possibly cause an innocuous cult to turn on the descendant of its holy leader? This mod seeks to provide an answer. In The Talos Cult Conspiracy, you are given an option to join the Talos Cult, and embark on a conspiracy against Emperor Uriel Septim VII.

Features - Begin by starting the vanilla quest within the main Imperial Legion questline.

  • Ten new quests
  • Joinable Talos Cult Faction.
  • Participate in the conspiracy against the Emperor.
  • Some miscellaneous, fun quests: Learn more about Talos, and successfully complete a quiz about him; complete a pilgrimage, following the footsteps of Talos; hunt down a traitor of the Talos Cult.
  • A new option added for the vanilla quest of General Darius: You can either reveal their plans and execute them, like in vanilla, or you can report them as a harmless group, and actually join in their conspiracy.
  • Alice's excellent Talos Cult Revised mod has been incorporated into this one, and introduces an overhauled shrine for the Talos Cult, which truly reflects that they are a secret cult operating from a small storage room.


Everything should be fine, obviously besides "Talos Cult Revised", as this mod also contains that, so it is not necessary to have both.


If you allow us some artistic freedom to expand upon existing lore, (adding new details) but without contradicting anything Bethesda has said, then you will find the mod to be lore-friendly.


Caeris: First five quests, modified vanilla quest of General Darius.
AliceL93: The last five quests, modified Talos Cult shrine in Gnisis.

Danae: Cleaning and dialogue tweaks.
Turelek: Helmet model used for the "Talosian Steel Helm".
Ruffin Vangarr: Created the Altmer Glass Armor used within this mod.
Rats: For developing the Talos Cult (Tamriel Rebuilt lore is used in this mod).
Cheydin: Author of the original "Talos Cult Revised" mod, which has been modified by me, and incorporated into this one.

We hope you enjoy this nifty mod,
- Caeris & AliceL93.