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This mod is a complete overhaul of the Imperial Legion faction. New quests, items, NPCs and more.

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Did you fall in love with the Imperial Legion like me when you first met them? Did you view them as brave protectors of the land? Or did they make you think of the Roman Legions? Then this mod is for you. This mod is a complete overhaul of the Imperial Legion faction.

The features of this mod include:

- 8 new quests by me: Clear Saprius Entius' name of murder, hunt down the Amulets of the Nine Divines scattered around Vvardenfell, free a fellow Imperial Legionnaire imprisoned by the Telvanni and a lot more! (And a walkthrough enclosed in the .zip file, just in case you get stuck)

- Bugfixes of vanilla bugs (such as the Imperial Archers not being in the Imperial Legion and Dumbuk gro-Bolag appearing in the game twice)

- Receive better rewards for advancement in the Legion, including items that you wouldn't be able to get in the vanilla game without murdering a peaceful NPC, such as the Imperial Templar Skirt

- New items, and better personality for some of the vanilla NPCs in the Legion

- Supply chests for the Imperial Legions, similarly to the Fighters' Guild and the Mages' Guild (Thanks to CryptsOfTheDead for allowing me to incorporate the mod "Imperial Legion Goods" into this one.)

- A companion: Publius Claudius, a young, and perhaps somehow naive man from Cyrodiil. Upon joining the Legion you will have the opportunity  to team up with him and do the Legion quests with him on your side. A unique backstory, a long personal quest by him, which is intertwined with the Legion questline (See the walkthrough enclosed, if you get stuck!). He also provides commentary on each of the Legion quests, based on your choices, if applicable.

-Do you have better armor than the one the Legion provides? Why don’t you ask your superiors for a paper which proves your affiliation to the Legion instead of running around in Legion armor? (Thanks for Maw3193, who according to the website Morrowind Modding History gives permission to everyone to modify or use his mod titled “Legion papers”for their own projects.)

- Did you ever want to receive the full set of the Duke's Guard silver armor upon becoming a member of the Order of Ebonheart? Now you can, thanks to the creators of the mod "Duke's Armor Full Set," Alaisiagae and Sfinna Ironfoot. I have incorporated their mod into this one.

- Earn the right to your own chambers in Castle Ebonheart once you become the Knight of the Imperial Legion (Thanks for Eldermaster28 who kindly gave me permission to use his mod titled “Knight of the Imperial Dragon Quarters)

ABOUT THE “LEGION PAPERS” mod: Do not ever drop the papers from you inventory. (They have no weight, don’t worry.)


Q: What is new in version 2.4 as opposed to the previous versions?

A: Well, I believe that this version deserves the "2.3" classification, as I have redone this mod completely. The original "Imperial Legion Expansion" was released years ago, and since then I have developed a lot as a modder.

- My mod, "Publius Claudius Follower" has been merged into this one. Link to the standalone mod:

- I have removed Larrius Varro's questline about eradicating organized crime in Vvardenfell - I've got too much criticism that it is not lore-friendly, because the Morag Tong is protected by the Armistice. I still don't agree with this view, because the mod clearly spelled it out that Larrius Varro is a vigilante, a renegade in the Legions, who places personal morality above the law, and it is not an official order from him, but something which the two of you do in secret to advance the interest of the Empire. But anyway, I have listened to the vox populi, because I'm sick and tired of explaining this for the 165th time. It's gone.

- I have also removed the quests concerning the priestesses of Dibella and the priest of Akatosh... yeah, they were quite immature and goofy, not fitting the seriousness of the rest of the mod.

- I have fixed a lot of quests that are still present so that you can receive them through greetings, in a proper manner, instead of through random dialogue topics (back then, when I first made this mod, it seemed to be an immersive idea: like, we start talking about stuff, and then they suddenly mention that by the way, they need me to do something... it wasn't really player-friendly, though)

- I have also removed those quests which were actually Bethesda vanilla quests for the Imperial Legion, present in the CS, but not making into the final game. There are a bunch of "restore cut content" mods around, compatibility and everything.

- I have also removed that Amulet of Akatosh from the top of the dragon statue in Ebonheart to appease Rebirth people, as Rebirth moves that statue around, which made the amulet float in the air for them (For the quest to acquire the Amulets of the Nine Divines, there are other ways to get the Amulet of Akatosh, don't worry)

- Added ownership to the Imperial Legion Supply Chests, so now only Legionnaires can take the items from them