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This mod is a complete overhaul of the Imperial Legion faction. New quests, items, NPCs and more.

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Did you fall in love with the Imperial Legion like me when you first met them? Did you view them as brave protectors of the land? Or did they make you think of the Roman Legions? Then this mod is for you.

The aim of this mod is to completely redo the Imperial Legion faction with actually adding MORE content to it than Bethesda did in the vanilla game. This mod started as a small one which only contained three new quests, but I can claim that it achieved the state I wanted it to be: A complete overhaul of the Imperial Legion.

The features of this mod include:

-19 new quests: From as simple as delivery missions to as complex as finding the Amulets of the Nine Divines scattered around in Vvardenfell or annihilating organized crime in Morrowind once and for all.
-Bugfixes of vanilla, Imperial Legion related bugs (see the details below)
-Better rewards for advancement
-New items and NPCs
-Better personality for some of the NPCs

-This mod will also make you think: For example in the quest in which you have to find the amulets you won’t get any hints, you will have to use your common sense and your knowledge about the lore of the Nine Divines to find them. But you will also experience the attitude of  IRL colonizers (in some members of the Legion ingame) who believed that the natives are inferior to them and their Empire are the good guys who will civilize them eventually. Besides these, questions like whether the ends justify the means will also be raised.

-Chambers in Castle Ebonheart after you become the Knight of the Imperial Dragon. (Thanks for Eldermaster28 who kindly gave me permission to use his mod titled “Knight of the Imperial Dragon Quarters)

-Do you have better armor than the one the Legion provides? Why don’t you ask your superiors for a paper which proves your affiliation to the Legion instead of running around in Legion armor? (Thanks for Maw3193, who according to the website Morrowind Modding History gives permission to everyone to modify or use his mod titled “Legion papers”for their own projects.)

- Did you ever want to receive the full set of the Duke's Guard silver armor upon becoming a member of the Order of Ebonheart? Now you can, thanks to the creators of the mod "Duke's Armor Full Set," Alaisiagae and Sfinna Ironfoot. I have incorporated their mod into this one.

- Being a Legion member now also has some additional perks: You can get items from their supply chests, that can be found in the various forts. (Thanks to CryptsOfTheDead for allowing me to incorporate the mod "Imperial Legion Goods" into this one.)

-And finally: Some funny (and some not that funny) easter eggs and references to other Elder Scrolls games and popular culture in general.



- Initial version with 3 quests


-Changed the mod's name from "Imperial Legion Quests" to "Imperial Legion Expansion"
-Added 5 more quests
-Fixed two vanilla bugs: "Imperial Archers" are now members of the Legion and Sirollus Saccus now offers you training

-When you join the Legion you receive a full set of chainmail armor as well as a sword, when you become "Trooper" you get "Imperial Steel Greaves" too, and when you become Knight of the Garland you get an "Imperial Silver Helm" too.

-I also cleaned the mod of "GMSTs" with the usage of the tool TESAME, which was suggested by Dragon32 here in this website. I would like to thank you for this suggestion once again!


-Added one (very long) quest

-10 new quests
-Adjusted advancement rewards further
-Merged the mod “Legion Papers” and “Knight of the Imperial Dragon Quarters” into my mod (thanks for the creators of these mods once again)
-Fixed some small dialogue bugs you reported to me
-Fixed another vanilla bug: Dumbuk gro-Bolak, who stands in front of Wolverine Hall, is now replaced with an Imperial Guard (as there were two of this NPC in the vanilla game: The other one can be located in Gnisis, Barracks.)
-A document in which you can find the walkthrough and the easter eggs I included in this game is also enclosed in the .zip file


- Fixed a small bug which you reported lately


- Fix of further small bugs (One can always improve.) :)


- Incorporated the mods "Duke's Armor Full Set" and "Imperial Legion Goods" into this one. (See the features section of this description for what they do.)


- A lot of cleaning has been done, including the dreaded "who's there?" dialogue


- Dialogue Tweaks, cleaning thanks to Danae. Ownership added for the supply chests.

INSTALLATION:As usually, just put the file to your Data Files folder.

WARNING: Yes, it is possible that the mod would break some quests for the Telvanni, Morag Tong or the Thieves Guild. It is a role-playing mod.If you serve the Empire why would you join these organizations? (If you only complete these “quest-breaker” quests I made after you finished the questlines of these organizations you can bypass this problem)

ABOUT THE “LEGION PAPERS” mod: Do not ever drop the papers from you inventory. (They have no weight, don’t worry.)