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This mod gives a much needed facelift to one of the greatest quest mods of all time - Rise of House Telvanni.

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Rise of House Telvanni 2.0
by mort
Version 2.0.7

This mod gives a much needed facelift to one of the greatest quest mods of all time - Rise of House Telvanni.

Original Description:
"This is a heavily expanded version of Pozzo's Rise of House Telvanni (RoHT). This mod adds quests for the Telvanni Archmagister, allowing him/her to gain more political power and strengthen House Telvanni."

-The Mary-Sue (self-insert?) character has been cut down to an incredible degree. No more vivec face. No more famous ancestors. No more "finding the Oghma Infinium twice"
-Her ancestor has had a similar treatment done. Quests involving both of them no longer reference each other as relatives.
-The term Archmagistrix is terrible and was changed.
-The character Zubudaiah is now named Delasa Rethosa. She isn't an Ashlander.
-Removed bizarrely placed objects (like a dozen vivec heads from a portal gate, why)
-Lots and lots of dialogue changes. The original authors would use semicolons; where you shouldn't have them. AND LOTS OF YELLING IN ALL CAPS
-Reduced the amount of gold to give the Mages Guild folks, giving people 25k for the first quest is either really easy if youre a god or near impossible if you have economy fixes.
-Script fixes, like there were certain books that were unreadable because they had OnActivate returns.
-No longer are you forced to obliterate the Mages Guild, nor does it give you the trap option of doing nothing
-Gothren no longer has lorebreaking weird dialogue regarding the other council members

"Is this it?" - No, I plan on changing a bit more of it. There's still some dialogue to go through and I dislike the handling of the Mage's Guild.
"Will you do another House?" - Yeah I'm a Hlaalu guy, if I make my own it's going to be that.
"Is this compatible with X?" - Probably. I can't try every single permutation of mods. Hell I barely play Morrowind anymore. If you notice something broken let me know.
"Can I load this if I've already started my game?" - Yes but expect the first quest to be broken at a very specific part. Delasa Rethosa won't have the right dialogue options. Run "journal ROHT_GothrenSuccessor 30"  followed by set RoHT_Zubadaiah_status to 1
in your console and she will agree to join.

Load ROHT_2_0.esp alongside the original ROHT.esm

V2.0.8 - Now able to complete MG questline if you already killed trebonius
V2.0.7 - Changed order of mages guild (for real this time), added some failsafes to prevent previous game glitches. Hopefully this issue is behind me.
V2.0.6 - You now have an option to not blow up the Mages Guild. You can continue to operate them as a puppet guild forever.
v2.0.5 - Initial release

-Rise of House Telvanni (

MIT Licence