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This mod is intended to rebalance the Bloodmoon expansion in a variety of ways, most importantly by editing the stats of creatures and npcs.
This mod rebalances Bloodmoon as if it shipped with Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
Bloodmoon Rebalance
v 1.2
by mort

Forwarded PFP fixes - thank you Sigourn!
-added spells back to Bronrod
-reverted The Good Beast's health

-Part 2 of 3 of my rebalance series-

This mod is intended to rebalance the Bloodmoon expansion in a variety of ways, most importantly by editing the stats of creatures and npcs.
This mod rebalances Bloodmoon as if it shipped with Morrowind.

Tribunal and Bloodmoon were released as expansions to the base game, and were intended for players who had already fully cleared previous quests. All of the enemies and non-hostile NPCs are much higher level because of that. While a powerful vanilla NPC might be level 30, a powerful Bloodmoon NPC could be level 70. Ash Vampires and 'legendarily powerful' creatures/NPCs in the base game are somehow weaker than most expansion NPCs.

Parts 1 and 3 of the rebalance series (in progress) tackle Tribunal, and finally making the 6th House / Dagoth Ur terrifying entities that even the most powerful Bloodmoon Skaal couldn't defeat easily.

The general theory for these Bloodmoon changes are as follows:

-Wolves and bears should be 'tough creatures like kagouti' not 'berserk killing machines'
-Werewolves are HP sponges (they shouldn't be)
-The end dungeon for BM is not fun
-Rieklings should be weaker than most standard humans. Low level characters should have no problems killing a riekling or two.
-Riekling weapons/armor should be low quality, not expensive and amazing
-Non riekling item stats/placement is untouched
-The bell curve for Bloodmoon NPCs peaks at around 25. It is a harsh landscape and weak people would not survive.
-Level 40 is the 'high limit' for standard humanoid races.
-Level 50 is the limit for npcs with extreme magical powers or special circumstances (Hunt NPCs, Witches)

This Bloodmoon Rebalance will put the Bloodmoon Main Quest about on par with Tribunal's. The landscape will be much less challenging than it was before. The creatures and NPCs now fit roughly in the vanilla Morrowind progression. You could visit at level 1 and complete the Bloodmoon main quest at level 30 if you're well equipped.

I have separated my changes into a few categories to provide a modular approach. These changes are also packaged into one esp if you'd like all of my changes.

Bloodmoon Creature rebalance.esp
Bears, wolves, and horkers are now much weaker
riekling lance / sword / are now worthless and also bad
all rieklings / bristlebacks are much weaker
spriggans are slightly weaker and don't have grand souls anymore
Grahl are slightly weaker
The Swimmer / The Good Beast have lowered HP slightly but that doesn't affect much

Bloodmoon Undead Rebalance.esp
bonewolves and draugr are now weaker and have weaker souls
draugr are now undead (before they were creatures)
draugr lord aesliip HP and level lowered
skeletons slightly reduced HP

Bloodmoon Boss Rebalance.esp
Edits "boss" creatures / NPCs that may affect the endgame balance
Udyrfrikke / lightkeeper grahl / karstaag are slightly weaker (reduced HP, they still do some crazy damage)
falx carius and tharsten heart-fang maze forms now lower leveled slightly (20% less health)

Bloodmoon Werewolf Rebalance
Werewolves level / HP cut around 20%, damage reduced up to around 30%
Caenlorn Wolves now much weaker
Maze werewolves now have 200 health instead of 700 because I hate the maze with a burning passion. There are 31 of them in the final dungeon. No one has time for that.

Bloodmoon NPC rebalance.esp
changes NPC levels to fit the paradigm above
edits some leveled lists to lower the spawn levels from 60 (!!) to 30 at most
removed Carnius Magius' stalhrim mace, replaced with ebony. As per the story you are the only person to have stalhrim.

drag and drop into data files
check box

just edits numbers, should work with everything like TR and rebirth mgso etc etc

sigourn - PFP fixes

do whatever, credit me because it's a good idea