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A small mod which prevents Gentleman Jim Stacey from disappearing until you complete all Bal Molagmer quests.

Permissions and credits
This mod modifies Gentleman Jim Stacey's dialogue and script to prevent him from disappearing in the end of the Thieves Guild questline until you complete all Bal Molagmer quests or fail any of the jobs.

Special versions are provided for using together with zelazko's Fighters Guild Questline Overhaul and Caeris' Camonna Tong.
If you don't use these mods, install the Vanilla version.

Compatible with:
Patch for Purists
Imperial Factions
Bal Molagmer Add-on
Thieves Guild Overhaul
Fighters Guild Improved
Reputation Fixes
Errands for Orvas
Join the Camonna Tong
Quest Tweaks and Alternatives

Incompatible with anything else which changes:
balMolagmerDone (global variable)
staceyScript (script)
Gentleman Jim Stacey (topic)
jobs (topic)