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The vanilla version of the Threads of the Webspinner (TotW) is a little too open and too unguided to be a functional, completable "quest". Put another way, it is nearly impossible to finish TotW and acquire Mephala's Skill without 1) consulting some out-of-game resource (like the UESP Wiki or the forums), or 2) abandoning role-play and killing people almost at random. There is just no way to complete TotW by following any kind of natural, in-game progression.

To prove my point, have a look at some of the results from my research:
  • There are a total of 20 NPCs with Sanguine items.
  • Of these, only 7 have MT quests that lead you to them.
  • Of the 13 left, 3 are in the same locations as the targets of those MT quests.
  • That leaves 10 NPCs with no MT quests to lead you to them, or even near them.
  • Of these 10, only 3 are in locations that other, non-MT quests lead you to, and one of these 3 NPCs is not hostile. (Gluronk gra-Shula in the Gateway Inn is not hostile. There is a rumor about her, but it is only spoken by 1 NPC in the entire game.)
  • That leaves 7 with no quests that lead you to them; they are only discovered by exploring.
  • Of these 7, only 1 has a rumor that might lead you to him. The rumor is very vague, and is only spoken by 1 NPC in the entire game.
  • Of the 6 left, 2 are not hostile.

Once I put all of these facts together, I knew something had to be done. In a nutshell, this mod aims to give players what they need to figure out the locations of the Sanguine items without going on random killing sprees or exiting the game to search wikis and forums for answers. Existing topics have been more fleshed-out and completely new topics have been added, all with the purpose of getting the player to the right places with enough information to connect the dots and find the Sanguine items.

NOTE: As of version 1.1, this mod is fully compatible with Curmudgeon's Threads of the Webspinner Completed available at Morrowind Modding History.

There are four versions of the plugin included in the mod. Only ONE (1) of the plugins should be installed and activated at a time. They are each built off the same core plugin (veg-TotW.esp), so they all contain the changes it makes plus a few additional edits.

This is the core mod the other three are built off of, and it is the least likely to conflict with any other mods. In short, it is strictly a dialogue mod; no edits were made to any NPCs, items, locations, spells, or anything else you can think of. Some of the vanilla game's topics were edited with new content and new filters. In addition, new topics were created to provide more depth and variety. But from a technical standpoint that's all the mod does, so it's highly unlikely that this plugin will conflict with any other mods at all. The worst case might be that some dialogue from my mod might not make sense when compared with the topics in [hypothetical"> Dialogue Mod X, but that's about it. Further, LGNPC mastermind Cyrano has assured me that there should be no problems using LGNPC’s Khuul plugin alongside my TotW mod.

This plugin does everything veg-TotW does, plus it adds a journal and a few letters to certain NPCs ("books" for simplicity). The "books" are all added using a method shown to me by Cyrano. To keep from editing the NPCs directly (which is more likely to cause a conflict), I placed invisible activators in the cells where they can be found. The activators add the books to each NPCs' inventory when the PC enters their cells. Once the NPCs have been dealt with, the books will be there for looting along with the Sanguine items. This mod has a low risk for conflicts, but it could interfere with any mod that edits the same cells. There are only three cells changed and all three are in Daedric ruins so I believe the risk of a conflict is very low.

This plugin does everything veg-TotW does, plus it restores Mephala's Skill. In its original form, Mephala's Skill had a Fortify Short Blade effect in addition to the Chameleon and Fortify Attack effects it currently has. When I first mentioned on the Bethsoft forums that I was considering making a mod like this, some people had said they would like to see Mephala's Skill returned to its earlier state if the mod was ever made. Well, I remembered, and this plugin does just that! Because this plugin edits a spell, it could potentially conflict with any mod that also edits spells. This mod only edits Mephala's Skill so if you want to keep the change I made simply load my mod after any spell mod(s).

This plugin does everything veg-TotW does, plus everything the other two plugins do as well. So in addition to the dialogue changes in veg-TotW, it includes the journal and letters from veg-TotW-books and the original Mephala's Skill from veg-TotW-MSrestored. This plugin has the same possibilities for conflicts as veg-TotW-books and veg-TotW-MSrestored. The risk remains relatively low, but it is worth mentioning.