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A complete overhaul of the Thieves' Guild faction. New quests, tweaks for existing quests, items, and a lot more!

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This mod is a complete overhaul of the Thieves' Guild faction. It offers new quests, tweaks for existing quests, items, and a lot more. It is basically a compilation of six of my previous, smaller Thieves' Guild related mods plus one mod by a guest author which has free permissions, and which I thought would be nice if it was included in this, with the aim to offer mod users the ultimate Thieves' Guild experience, one .esp to rule them all.

List of the individual .esp-s merged into this one and their features:

---- Thieves' Guild in Gnaar Mok:

Have you noticed that the only Thieves' Guild guildhall that does not offer any quests is the Druegh-jigger's Rest in Gnaar Mok? Not anymore! This mod offers ten new quests for thief characters who are in the guild. To begin, talk with Wadarkhu, the Khajit, as a Thieves' Guild member.

- Ten new quests (which is more than any of the vanilla individual Thieves' Guild quest-givers offer) with rewards
- Eliminate the Camonna Tong in Gnaar Mok
- Set up a new smuggling operation for the Thieves' Guild in the town, step by step, and make it prosperous
- Break into Vvardenfell's toughest prison, to free fellow guild members
- Steal Mistress Dratha's prized artifact for a client
- And much more!
- Should be compatible with all the major Thieves' Guild mods (Thief Companion Constance; Haldenshore; Havish; South Wall, Den of Iniquity; Tamriel Rebuilt etc.) -> If I'm wrong, please let me know!
- Also compatible with the major mods that modify Gnaar Mok, such as the various LGNPC mods.

Link of the original mod:

---- Bal Molagmer Add-on

It's time to fight against injustice once again... with sticky fingers! This mod adds three more quests for the Bal Molagmer, increasing the total number of Bal Molagmer quests from seven to ten. To begin: Talk with Hreirek the Lean in Dagon Fel, with Thieves' Guild membership, and the Bal Molagmer gloves with you.

The new quests:

- A poor miner is exploited by his boss: Contact HR and arrange a raise for him. ;)
- A girl is indebted a Camonna Tong loanshark: Arrange a new payment plan for her. ;)
- A Dunmer lost his job, and got evicted from the home he rented: Arrange a solution of legal nature for his problem. ;)

Link of the original mod:

---- Lore-Friendly Bal Molagmer Gloves:

"Here--these gloves were used by the Bal Molagmer to carry their burning stones from the Red Mountain. When you are ready to rekindle the fires of the Bal Molagmer, wear the gloves and speak with me again." - Gentleman Jim Stacey's dialogue in Morrowind.

However, the Bal Molagmer gloves in-game actually might not be able to protect somebody from the heat of a burning stone. This mod remedies that by giving each glove a lore-friendly and balanced enchantment: Resist Fire 20-40 pts for 10 secs on Self, with the opportunity to cast the effect five times without recharging the item.

Link to the original mod:

---- More Redoran Master Helms:

Adds a Redoran Master Helm into the home of almost every Redoran Councilor. When placing the helms, I had two criteria in mind:

1. It should be in a logical place, where one would likely store such an item.
2. It should be a place with guards or at least NPCs around, so that it would be a challenge for a thief.

Hopefully this mod will make the game more immersive, and also provide some variety for completing that Thieves' Guild quest.

Link to the original mod:

---- Plunder the Dungeon:

Perhaps the ultimate challenge for a thief character in Morrowind is plundering the dungeon of Tel Fyr. They have to run around with keys, finding the right chest which contains the next key, while enduring the attacks of the Corprus Monsters. However, the rewards could be better, and also no one acknowledges this deed in the game. This mod solves these problems, and "plundering the dungeon" will be a real quest now with a unique reward and dialogue that acknowledges your success.

Features of this mod:

- "Plundering the Dungeon" will be a real quest with journal entries
- New dialogue from the inhabitants of Tel Fyr before you complete the quest and after that
- The enchantments of Volendrung will be restored by Divayth Fyr after you tell him that you've managed to plunder his dungeon (The enchantment will be based on its enchantment from Daggerfall and Oblivion)
- You will even get a reputation point for achieving what no one else could achieve before you

Link to the original mod:

---- Wanted Posters (co-author: Caeris)

With this little lore-friendly mod, wanted posters of you will appear on the walls of settlements and in taverns if you have a significant bounty. (500 gold or more.) An excellent way to enhance the immersion of an outlaw character.

Link to the original mod:

---- Smooth Moves - Romancing Ahnassi by Curmudgeon:

1. Allows each gender to romance Ahnassi,
2. Provides a teleport device to Ahnassi's house once the two of you have pledged 'Eternal Love', and
3. Makes Ahnassi's home more functional.

1. Ahnassi is a female Khajiit thief who hangs out in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. In the un-modded game she can be romanced by males only. In this mod all genders can enjoy the romance. The title "Smooth Moves" is her compliment to you once your agility reaches 50, when you can begin the romance. (It is the title I used for this mod when I made the first iteration of it from scratch nearly a decade ago.)

2. Upon completing the Romance, you will receive "Eternal Love", a diamond used as a teleporting device which will return you to Ahnassi's ever-loving arms.

3. Once you have been invited into Ahnassi's home, you can use a small, but highly functional sub-basement reached through a trap-door. It contains the requisite alchemy lab, some WYSIWYG storage, a soul gem upgrader, a security practice box, etc., etc.

Link to the original mod:

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the description of "Smooth Moves - Romancing Ahnassi: "Feel free to ransack this plugin for whatever you want to use." If the original author reads this, and for whatever reason, this is not the case anymore, please contact me, and I will remove this mod from this compilation within a reasonable time frame.