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Adds a greater 6th House presence to the game as the main quest progresses

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  • Polish
Ever thought that the main quest lacked a certain atmospheric quality? Didn't like that despite the ravings of the Sixth House getting stronger, you really didn't see them DO anything? Well MQE is my attempt to change that. It adds several plugins that will, as the main quest progresses, begin to show the collapse of Vvardenfell and the ever-increasing presence of the Sixth House. However if you destroy Dagoth Ur, all these changes will disappear.
The plugins are:

Blighted Beasties: As Vivec's power wanes and the Ghostfence slowly starts to fail, some 6th house agents and monsters will escape past it. This makes it so that as time progresses, corprus monsters and lower ash monsters (such as zombies and slaves) start to appear outside of the Ghostfence.

Crowd Control: As the main quest progresses, outlanders and dunmer alike will begin to take notice of the strange happenings around Vvardenfell, and react accordingly. Temples will begin to be crowded by the faithful and worried, infected will gather outside Tel Fyr, hoping for a cure, and some desperate souls will be waiting on docks for boats off the island. The Corpusarium will also become more crowded as well.

Garrisoned Ghostgate: Worried about the lack of security, the houses will start increasing the number of armigers and ordinators at Ghostgate. With this plugin, as time progresses, more and more soldiers will arrive and make camp at Ghostgate.

Imperial Intolerance: With this plugin, the Sixth House will begin to harass outlander institutions, such as the Legion, the Guilds, and the Imperial Cult. They will begin to grafitti their buildings, nail ravings to their doors, and generally try to scare the mongrel dogs of the empire.

Sixth House Shrines: With this plugin, the followers of Dagoth will have more of a presence in the city. As time progresses, small, out of the way shrines will start popping up in larger towns and cities. The further you get in the main quest, the more these shrines will grow, and will eventually even gain raving preachers.

Main Quest Enhancers: All the previous plugins combined into one.

This will require a save where the main quest is not complete, for obvious reasons.
Both MQE_BlightedBeasties.esp and MQE_MainQuestEnhancers.esp require Tribunal.
This mod will not be compatible with any mods that make significant landscape changes to Balmora, Ald-Ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and pretty much any town or temple in Morrowind. Past that, it has shown to be compatible with most other mods.