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Fixes the Boston Airport windows to be transparent, like they originally should have been... Now you have shiny new windows to look through! For some reason, Bethesda decided to make them opaque for some reason (to increase performance on consoles perhaps?) This mod aims to fix that by bringing back the transparency of the glass.

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Have you ever noticed that when shooting the dark metal-looking windows at Boston Airport, it has the hit decal of, well... glass? One would think after 200 years and a military force occupying it, they would have at least done little to clean the windows there, right? No more!

This mod changes those opaque, dirty metal-esque windows in all Boston Airport sections into fully transparent, see-through glass. No more strangely out of place blacked-out windows on a building that should otherwise have an unobstructed skyline view.

Notice, please read: If you have the PRP 0.49 hotfixes package, do not use PRP-AirportFix in your modlist as per BenRierimanu, as that mod is equivalent. Said hotfix will go away when 0.50 is up and working

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UPDATE 1.2: Massive overhaul of the original mod. Rebuilt precombines and occlusion (previs) data.
Yet another revamp. Fixed clipping issues. Hopefully the last update. Solidified everything using the unified precomb and preVis method. Should be 100% bug-free now. Thank you for staying tuned.

Absolutely none!

Known Issues:
• If you use Previs Repair Pack by BenRierimanu, load this mod after PRP.
• Load this mod after any mods that edit precombines around the Boston Airport area, or you may get flickering or disappearing geometry.

Useless info:
First added fixed airport building meshes to Meshes with transparent glass.
In Creation Kit: Afterwards, Bostonairportext10, Bostonairportext05, and Bostonairportext04, rebuilt precombines, following that, combined previs was regenerated for Bostonairportext10 (since they are a cell cluster, didn't matter where I regen'd as long as it was in either 3 of those cells.) I then archived everything and compacted the file IDs.
In Nifskope, this was actually a very easy task. Apply shader property 12 to the window glass TriNode.
Copy and paste the BSEffectShaderProperty from the airport tower glass over to the opaque glass, delete the extra necessary blocks, add an alpha layer, on alpha layer, set flags to 4845. Transparent glass on an opaque window without even touching Blender!