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Sets near fog distance to 0, which brings it right up to the player. No more moving fog line. Also helps fill in some boring scenes in a similar way to godrays.

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In vanilla fallout 4 fog usually starts a few feet in front of the player. In some weathers and interior cells, this makes a noticeable line of fog that moves with the player.

This mod sets the distance that near fog starts to zero.

My other mods that work well with this one

Night Time God Rays

Distant Blur Remover

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¡Load Order and Compatibility!

If you use Calamity Weathers use this mod INSTEAD. My exterior plugin is not required. Thank you DaBlake for making the patch.

The exterior plugin edits all weathers. Because of this, it has some major compatibility issues with some big mods that many people use, such as Vivid Weathers and True Storms.

The interior plugin edits all cells, which makes it incompatible with other interior lighting mods.

The exterior plugin only edits a few values on each weather and can easily be made by using Automation Tools
The interior file is slightly more complex, but it's still not hard to make if you are familiar with FO4edit