About this mod

A zero performance loss weather and lighting overhaul. Removes many blurry effects for a cleaner, crisper image. Improves the look of the vanilla game without overdoing it or straying away from the original style.

Permissions and credits
This is a complete overhaul of weather, lighting, and camera effects.
Scroll through the comparison images to get a feel for the mod.

The 3 main goals of this mod are as follows:

1: Remove annoying or distracting effects

2: Make it easier to see

3: Improve boring weathers

Zero performance loss in my testing but your results may vary.

Requires all DLC




It's gone. Bad DoF, distant blur, temporary blur, blur in VATS. All of it is gone.

It's smooth now, and there is generally less of it. That distracting line of fog that moves with the camera is gone too.


Shadows are darker and pop a bit more now. You can still see perfectly fine to play, though.

Volumetric Lights

All weathers now take advantage of volumetric lighting. Night time, rainy days, and overcast weathers benefit from this greatly. In some ways this makes the game less clear, but it just looks so good.

Regular Lights
Lights were adjusted to not be so harsh. Includes the workshop lights from the Vault-Tec DLC - but they actually light up your vault now!


This mod edits a ton of different things, including weathers, lights, and interior cells.
Load this mod EARLY in your load order and let your favorite mods overwrite it.

If you like certain parts of this mod but can't get it to work with other weather/lighting mods, then check my other uploads. I have uploaded most things separately in the past.