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A zero performance loss, very subtle visual overhaul. Removes many annoying visuals in the game.

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**This is a fan made modification made with unofficial tools. Use this at your own risk, and back up all save files and mods before using.**

This mod tweaks weather, lighting, camera effects, and more.

Scroll through the comparison images to get a quick feel for the mod.

A note for returning users upgrading to version 4.0 and up:

• Fog no longer starts directly at the player - it starts 1000 units away more like the vanilla game. However, I have adjusted it to be so gradual that you cannot tell where the fog starts. This greatly reduces any sense of fog pop in, while also making the image much more crisp and clear as if fog was disabled. Interior and exterior fog settings are very likely to be adjusted in the future.

• There is now an extremely subtle static DoF in the distance, rather than disabling it completely. You won't be likely to notice it, but it helps a little bit with aliasing issues on trees.

• Transparent objects have had their intensity reduced. This applies to glass, bug wings, plastic, etc.

• Godray intensity has been reduced in all scenarios.

• Sun lens flare were added to glowing see and radstorm weathers, just like how far harbor does it. This looks better with the reduced godray settings. Some misty/rainy weathers now use this new sun flare instead of the standard clear weather one.

• Godray performance settings were commented out in the ini. Feel free to re-add these.

• Pip boy light range increased slightly.

This mod does the following:

1: Make it easier to see without completely removing all sense of atmosphere in the way that completely disabling fog would.

2: Fix or remove many visual annoyances such as flickering water, bad bloom, etc.

Consider my other mod that does something similar in regards to the interface files: Clarity UI


Possibly a very slight performance gain for some users since some effects have been disabled, but likely there is no change. Check the included ini for a command that will greatly improve performance with godrays enabled. This mod does not decrease performance.

Blur when aiming, blurry camera effects, and blur in VATS has been removed. Distant blur has been standardized, creating a very subtle static DoF effect which helps smooth out some jagged LoD.

Bloom is disabled. This does not disable lens flares, gobos, or other light effects.

Fog pop in is no longer as distracting and there is generally just a lot loss fog. It's less "atmospheric" but it's much easier to see what is going on. It's a good middle ground between no fog and vanilla fog, in my opinion.

Volumetric Lighting

All weathers now take advantage of volumetric lighting (also known as godrays in the launcher). Night time, rainy days, and overcast weathers benefit from this greatly. Volumetric lighting intensity has been lowered dramatically in most weathers. Again, less atmospheric, but you can see better and it's less distracting.

The pip boy light is much less harsh and fades out more gradually. Lights included in the Vault Tec Workshop DLC have been improved, and more weathers take advantage of lens flares if you choose to enable that setting in that launcher. VATS light is removed, and character rim lighting has been reduced in intensity.


Water LoD has been improved in some scenes, flickering water sources have been fixed, and the brightness of water reflections have been reduced to minimize the color of the water changing as you move the camera. Most fake puddles have been outright disabled, due to their distracting broken reflections.

Transparent Objects
Transparent objects such as glass, plastic, and bug wings no longer appear to glow in the dark. These are added through loose files, feel free to delete them or pick and choose which ones you want to use.


Increased Godray Intensity
Reverts most godray settings back to vanilla intensities. Night time godrays now produce forward facing beams.

Decreased Saturation
Decreases saturation by exactly 15%. I think the game looks much better this way.

Far Harbor Fog Clouds Removed
Removes the radioactive glowing fog clouds that are all over far harbor. Doesn't make sense for gameplay, but it's there for those that want it.

Helpful INI tweaks

In your Fallout4Prefs.ini find and edit the following to make shadows pop in smoother with no performance loss:


If you use HBAO, then edit/add the following lines in the same ini file:


Compatibility and Load Order:

This mod edits a ton of different things, including weathers, lights, and interior cells.
Generally you want to load this mod EARLY in your load order and let your favorite mods overwrite it. If you are using a weather mod then it's likely that mod has it's own vision in mind when editing weathers anyway which severely clash with the idea of making things clearer, which is why I don't suggest using Clarity with other weather or visual overhauls unless you know what to look for in xedit.

True Storms version (old version of clarity only currently). The True Storms version of Clarity needs to be loaded AFTER every single True Storms plugin. It requires all DLC add ons for true storms and was made with the optional fog effect disabled - but feel feel to try the extra fog option and let me know what happens.