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Overhaul of Fallout 4 weapon sounds, using assets from the JSRS sound mod for ARMA 3.

Changes explosion, impact and richochet sounds and provides a ton of all new weapon sounds (both player and NPC).

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JSRS Sound Mod for Fallout 4

Overhaul of Fallout 4 weapon sounds, using assets from the JSRS sound mod for ARMA 3.

Changes explosion, impact and ricochet sounds and provides a ton of all new weapon sounds (both player and NPC).

The weapon sounds use layers and new reverbs to provide a more realistic experience. Weapons of different calibers will have different report sounds and reverb.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use this mod alongside Reverb and Ambience Overhaul as it was designed with that mod in mind.


Either extract files into the Fallout 4 Data folder or install with your mod manager of choice.

Patches are currently available for vanilla and DLC weapons. Patches for a select few weapon mods will follow. All patches are marked as ESL so they won't affect the plugin limit.

In order to actually make use of the weapon sounds for other weapon mods, you will need to change the sound keyword that they use.

For example, if I open up the 9x39 Project mod in the Creation Kit or FO4Edit, the VAL and Vintorez use the sound keyword "s_40_9x39Sounds". To replace these sounds with the ones from this mod, we would change this keyword to "JSRS_s_40_ASVAL".

There are patching tutorials in the articles section. Omega4D also made a video tutorial:

Full list of keywords and what weapons they represent:

JSRS_s_40_1911 - Colt M1911
JSRS_s_40_357Revolver - .357 Magnum Revolver
JSRS_s_40_44Revolver - .44 Magnum Revolver
JSRS_s_40_9x39 - Unsuppressed 9x39 rifle, such as SR-3 Vikhr
JSRS_s_40_AA12 - AA-12 Shotgun
JSRS_s_40_ACR - Remington/Bushmaster ACR (.300 BLK version)
JSRS_s_40_AKM - AKM, AK47, etc
JSRS_s_40_AK101 - AK-101, AK variant chambered in 5.56 NATO
JSRS_s_40_AK12 - AK12, more modern 5.45 variants
JSRS_s_40_AK74 - AK74
JSRS_s_40_AKS74u - AKS-74U, carbine variant of AK74
JSRS_s_40_AR15 - AR-15, chambered in 5.56x45
JSRS_s_40_AR300 - AR-15 chambered in .300 Blackout
JSRS_s_40_AR458 - AR-15 chambered in .458 SOCOM
JSRS_s_40_Ash12 - ASh-12.7/ShAK-12, bullpup rifle chambered in 12.7x55
JSRS_s_40_ASVAL - AS VAL, VSS Vintorez, other 9x39 rifles with integrated suppressor
JSRS_s_40_AUG - Steyr AUG
JSRS_s_40_AUG_SMG - 9mm Steyr AUG Para
JSRS_s_40_AWM - Arctic Warfare Magnum, .300 Winchester/.338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle
JSRS_s_40_BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle
JSRS_s_40_Bizon - PP-19 Bizon
JSRS_s_40_Bren - Bren LMG
JSRS_s_40_Browning - M1919 Browning, .30-06 LMG
JSRS_s_40_Cheytac - CheyTac Intervention sniper rifle
JSRS_s_40_CQBR - Mk. 18 CQBR
JSRS_s_40_Deagle - Desert Eagle
JSRS_s_40_DP28 - Soviet WW2 era LMG
JSRS_s_40_DSHK - DShk Heavy Machine gun
JSRS_s_40_EMR - M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle
JSRS_s_40_Enfield - Lee Enfield Rifle
JSRS_s_40_Evo - Skorpion Evo SMG
JSRS_s_40_F2000 - FN F2000
JSRS_s_40_FAL - FN Fal
JSRS_s_40_FAMAS - FAMAS bullpup rifle, 5.56 NATO
JSRS_s_40_FG42 - FG42
JSRS_s_40_FN3011 - FN Model 30-11, bolt-action 7.62 NATO
JSRS_s_40_FNX - FNX .45 ACP Pistol
JSRS_s_40_G3 - G3 Battle Rifle
JSRS_s_40_G36 - HK G36
JSRS_s_40_G43 - G43
JSRS_s_40_Garand - M1 Garand
JSRS_s_40_Glock - Glock 17
JSRS_s_40_GreaseGun - M3 SMG "Grease Gun"
JSRS_s_40_Groza762 - OTs-14 Groza, chambered in 7.62x39
JSRS_s_40_Groza939 - OTs-14 Groza, chambered in 9x39
JSRS_s_40_HK51 - HK 51, a really compact, short-barreled G3
JSRS_s_40_HK416 - HK 416
JSRS_s_40_HK417 - H&K 417, the 416's bigger brother, 7.62 NATO
JSRS_s_40_Javelin - FGM-148 Javelin, anti-tank missile launcher
JSRS_s_40_K98 - Kar 98k
JSRS_s_40_Klin - PP-91 Kedr/PP-9 Klin SMG in 9x18 Makarov
JSRS_s_40_KS23 - TOZ KS-23, Russian 23x75mm shotgun.
JSRS_s_40_L85 - L85/SA80
JSRS_s_40_L96 - L96A1 Sniper Rifle
JSRS_s_40_Luger - Luger pistol
JSRS_s_40_Lynx - GM6 Lynx, Anti-Material Rifle, .50 BMG
JSRS_s_40_M107 - M107/XM107/M82, .50 BMG Sniper Rifle
JSRS_s_40_M134 - M134 Minigun
JSRS_s_40_M134_Loop - M134 Minigun, looped version
JSRS_s_40_M14 - M14/M1A Rifle
JSRS_s_40_M16 - M16 Rifle
JSRS_s_40_M1Carbine - M1 Carbine
JSRS_s_40_M240 - M240 7.62 NATO LMG
JSRS_s_40_M249 - M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
JSRS_s_40_M2B - M2 Browning .50 BMG
JSRS_s_40_M32 - M32 Grenade Launcher
JSRS_s_40_M4 - M4 Carbine
JSRS_s_40_M590 - Mossberg 590, 12ga Shotgun
JSRS_s_40_M60 - M60 LMG
JSRS_s_40_M70 - Zastava M70, Serbian AK
JSRS_s_40_M76 - Zastava M76, Serbian DMR (7.92x57mm)
JSRS_s_40_Mauser - Mauser pistol
JSRS_s_40_MG34 - MG-34 LMG
JSRS_s_40_MG42 - MG-42 LMG
JSRS_s_40_MG5 - H&K MG5 LMG
JSRS_s_40_MK14 - Mk. 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
JSRS_s_40_MK18 - Mk. 18 'Mjolnir' .338 Lapua
JSRS_s_40_Mosin - Mosin Nagant
JSRS_s_40_MP40 - MP-40
JSRS_s_40_MP443 - MP443 'Grach' Pistol
JSRS_s_40_MP5 - MP5 SMG
JSRS_s_40_MP7 - ST Kinetics CPW, generic PDW sound
JSRS_s_40_Negev - Negev NG7 GPMG, 7.62x51
JSRS_s_40_P226 - SIG P226 Pistol, 9x19
JSRS_s_40_P227 - SIG P227 Pistol, .45 ACP
JSRS_s_40_P90 - FN P90
JSRS_s_40_P99 - Walther P99
JSRS_s_40_PM - Makarov Pistol
JSRS_s_40_PP2000 - PP-2000 SMG
JSRS_s_40_PPSH - PPSH-41
JSRS_s_40_QBU88 - QBU-88, Chinese DMR chambered in 5.8x42mm
JSRS_s_40_QBZ95 - QBZ-95, bullpup chambered in 5.8x42mm
JSRS_s_40_QBZ191 - QBZ-191, carbine chambered in 5.8x42mm
JSRS_s_40_RPG - RPG-7
JSRS_s_40_RPG42 - RPG-32
JSRS_s_40_RPK - RPK light machine gun, 7.62x39mm
JSRS_s_40_RPK74 - RPK light machine gun, 5.45x39mm
JSRS_s_40_Rsh12 - RSh-12 revolver chambered in 12.7x55mm
JSRS_s_40_Saiga - Saiga-12
JSRS_s_40_SCARH - SCAR-H (7.62 NATO)
JSRS_s_40_SCARL - SCAR-L (5.56 NATO)
JSRS_s_40_Shotgun - generic 12ga shotgun
JSRS_s_40_SKS - SKS rifle, 7.62x39
JSRS_s_40_Springfield - M1903 Springfield
JSRS_s_40_SR25 - SR25 DMR
JSRS_s_40_Sten - Sten SMG
JSRS_s_40_STG44 - Sturmgewehr 44/MP44
JSRS_s_40_STM9 -  A 9x19mm carbine based on the AR-15 platform
JSRS_s_40_Stoner - Stoner LMG/KAC AMG, 7.62x51
JSRS_s_40_SVD - SVD Rifle
JSRS_s_40_SVT40 - SVT-40
JSRS_s_40_Tavor - IWI Tavor, CTAR-21, etc
JSRS_s_40_Thompson - M1A1 Thompson
JSRS_s_40_TT33 - Tokarev pistol
JSRS_s_40_UGL - underbarrel grenade launcher
JSRS_s_40_UMP - HK UMP, .45 ACP
JSRS_s_40_Vector - KRISS Vector SMG, .45 ACP
JSRS_s_40_Vector9 - KRISS Vector SMG, 9x19


All credit goes to Dennis LJ Kahl and JSRS Studios.