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Fog Remover II improves the games appearance and performance by removing Interior Fog, Mist, Steam, Dust, Smoke and Airborne Debris. Featuring the new "Interior Fog Remover" option / standalone mod.

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Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II
Fog Remover II

Improves the games appearance and performance by removing Interior Fog, Mist, Steam, Dust, Smoke, and Airborne Leaves and Debris.

Fog Remover II is the successor to my original Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer.
Fog Remover II truly lives up it's name as both a "Fog Remover" and a "Performance Enhancer" with the introduction of the new Interior Fog Remover, a new mesh file that is only 226 bytes (53.35x's smaller than what is used in the original Fog Remover) and a new build method that will further improve performance for most users.

Fog Remover II works by overriding performance reducing Mist, Steam, Dust, Smoke and Airborne Debris with blank mesh files.
New Interior Fog Remover option / standalone mod.
All options are now ESL flagged.esp's
* See the Comments Section for FAQ and further details.

Interior Fog Remover Details:
Removes the fog from every interior cell in the game.
Included in the Fog Remover II (Main) builds and available as a standalone mod.
* This mod makes some cell "lighting" edits, see Comments Section for details.

* This mod does not remove "exterior fog".
Exterior fog is created & controlled by the weather and can only be removed by editing the weather files or temporarily removed via console command: (setfog 1 999999 or setfog 1 163840  same results)

Compatiblity & DLC:
Compatible with weather mods, no known conflicts with any weather mod.
The (Main) versions of this mod include the Interior Fog Remover, they require Automatron, FarHarbor and NukaWorld DLC and may have cell conflicts with some location mods. See the Comments Section for a complete list of the cells edited by this mod, see the "How to guides" for instructions on how to resolve most conflicts.
The (BA2) versions do not contain the Interior Fog Remover. These versions have no known conflicts and do not require any DLC.

This mod does not:
Edit any weather files.
Disable or Delete any files.
Effect Previs / Precombines.
Use a plugin slot for any option.

"How To Guides":
Step by step guides with pictures explaining how to: Find and resolve conflicts, how to merge Fog Remover II and Interior Fog Remover into other mods and more.

Before Installing:
This mod is not compatible with any other "Fog, Mist, Steam, Dust, Smoke or Airborne Debris" altering or removing mods.

 Uninstall any Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer or SBW Fog Remover versions you have installed.
* Uninstall any other "Fog, Mist, Steam, Dust, Smoke or Airborne Debris" altering or removing mods you have installed.

Load Order Tip / Easy Conflict Resolution:
Load toward the top of your Load Order, above any location, settlement or overhaul mods.

Allow any mod that changes cell data to win any conflicts with Fog Remover II or the Interior Fog Remover standalone mod.
The worst thing that could happen is some interior fog returns.
* Fully resolving conflicts with Fog Remover II is very easy to do, see the "How to Guides" for details.

Install / Uninstall:
Fog Remover II and the Interior Fog Remover standalone mod can be installed or uninstalled at any time without harming your save games.
All files are in FOMOD Installers. Install using your favorite mod manager.

File Details:

All files are ESL flagged .esp(s), these file can be edited and sorted by load order but do not use an ESP plugin slot.
FYI: Fallout4 and Skyrim Special Edition can have up to 253 "full" (ESP flagged) files and 4096 "light" (ESL flagged) files loaded at the same time.

Additional Options:
For clear weather 24/7 with lighting that's easy on your eyes use my Simply Better Weather mod.
Use our Interior Teleportation Mod to explore all those fog-less interior cells!
Use Flicker Fixer to fix most of the exterior flickering aka z-fighting in the game
Use my Radiation Removers mod to remove all environmental radiation.

Use Puddle Remover Plus to remove water puddles, mud puddles, blood puddles and seagull droppings.
Use one of my Useful Combinations - Fallout4Custom.ini files to have controlled jet pack flight, no fusion core drain, no fall damage, strength (pick up cars) and more.

Fog Remover II was created with help from my friends: SMB92, BigandFlabby and Cancerous1 (Thank You)

Please check out the Permissions and Credits for a list of "Credits and Thanks".
And don't forget to come back and give us and endorsement if you like this mod.

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