Fallout 4

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Antistar - Hitman47101 - Ha_ru

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Flips the charging handle on the Handmade Rifle to the right side. Custom animations and sounds included.

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This mod simply flips the charging handle on the Handmade Rifle to the right side of the gun, like a more traditional AK since its clearly based on one. Features custom animations and sounds.

This was originally made for the Weapon Addition and Replacement Suite (WARS) mod, learn more about WARS Here.



Someone: Is the esp really necessary?

Me: Yes, it contains the new sound descriptors for the reload, just merge it with something else or covert it to an .esl if you're near the plugin limit.

Someone: Is this compatible with X?

Me: Should be compatible with anything that doesn't touch the Handmade Rifles meshes or animations.


Nuka-World DLC


Install manually or using a mod manager.


Mesh edits: Antistar
Animations: Hitman47101
3rd person Animations: Ha-ru
Grip adjust Animation (IdleA): Shiny Hax
Sounds: New World Interactive