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Ground with snaping crops

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Mod adds big ground blocks and ground slopes for them.
Mod adds garden plots. Garden Plot based on Shack Upper Floor and have same snap points.
Mod adds square ground blocks. Square Ground based on Shack Foundation and have same snap points. Square Ground have different ground textures.
Mod adds water plots for aquatic plants. Water Plot based on Shack Upper Floor and have same snap points.
Mod adds water. Water snap to Water Plot, Garden Plot - Furrows, Square Ground - Furrows.
Mod adds Ground With Water.

All these elements are snaping together and navmeshed.
Ground can be found at end of Main Workshop Menu in Ground category.

Plants snaping to ground blocks and garden plots.
Each ground block can be planted 12 small plants (Corn, Carrot, Tato) or 6 medium plants (Mutfruit, Gourd, Razorgrain-small) or 3 big plants (Melon, Razorgrain-big).
Each garden plot and square ground block can be planted 4 small plants or 2 medium plants or 2 big plants.

With this mod you will be able to build terraces, ponds filled with water of different shapes and different things. These blocks can be used in Vault 88 (have snap points from DLC Vault-Tec Workshop).

Install/Update procedure:
Download the new version. Remove current version and install the new version. You DON'T need to use in-game uninstaller chem.

Uninstall procedure for those who do not use Settlement Menu Manager:

This is important for versions since 1.4.0, because it was added Ground own category in workshop menu with script injected method.
Use an uninstall chem, that can be crafted at the chem station. Save. Quit the game. Uninstall mod.

Uninstall procedure for those who use Settlement Menu Manager:

Don't worry be happy do nothing :) (since Ground v1.4.6).

Wild Plants Farming - patch included
Korax Glowing Flora - patch included (There is no possibility to determine automatically, turn on compatibility patch manually)
Workshop Rearranged - resolve by load order. Gourd produce 0.5 food instead 0.75. No other problems.
Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints - full compatibility since v1.41. Use export/import marker-based items mode for Ground With Water.
Horizon v1.3 - patch included

Check load order:
  • WorkshopRearranged.esp
  • Farm.esp
  • Ground_Vanilla.esp
  • Ground_Farm.esp
  • Z_Horizon.esp
  • Ground_CP_Horizon.esp
Or use LOOT.

Thanks to DarthWayne for Tutorial - Adding custom workshop categories with scripts. If something goes wrong there You will find "Universal missing menus fixer".
Thanks to chucksteel for porting to XB1

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