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Makes running electricity in your settlements as clean and wireless as possible.

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This mod adds the ability to have electricity anywhere in your settlement without the need for placing generators all over and eliminates the need to run wires or conduit all over the place. This is how it works. 
  1. This mod is a master file (.esm) meaning it will automatically be placed in the top region of your load order
  2. This mod adds a fusebox to the game that provides 10,000 power and is strong enough to power most of the settlement from just one box. Depending on settlement size a second box may need to be placed. The fusebox can be found in the workshop menu under power/generators. When you place the fuse box the screen will pause for about approximately 3-5 seconds. 
  3. If you need to move the fusebox you must STORE it and then replace it. Strictly moving it will cause lag because of it's range and strength. 
  4. Once you start placing electrical items like lights, turrets, machines they will automatically power on. 
1.Is this mod compatible with USO (Unlocked Settlement Objects)?
Yes this mod works just fine alongside USO. Make sure that the SEO esm is placed ABOVE USO in your load order.
 2. Does this mod work with Workshop Turret Pack?
No. This mod is currently only compatible with vanilla and DLC workshop items. I am planning on making a compatibility patch for the Workshop Turret Pack mod. 
3. Will this mod work with other settlement/building mods like Sim Settlements, Settlement Supplies Expanded and other similar mods?
I haven't had the time to test it with every settlement/building mod so I cannot say for sure what other mods may conflict with this. I am currently looking at Sim Settlements and working towards making it work alongside that. 

Known Issues
1. Moving the fuse box causes extreme lag or crashes game
To avoid this issue "store" the fusebox if you need to move it and then replace it instead of selecting it and trying to move it. 
2. Turrets in other turret mods do not power on. 
This mod only affects vanilla and DLC turrets. If you would like a patch for a seperate mod please let me know.