About this mod

Adds new 9 crops and food to FO4. Named that because I was just going to add just those potatos and tomatos but then added more.

Permissions and credits
****This is a playable mod resource****

Adds potato, tomato, ferns, strawberries, and 4 different rose bushes to FO4. Includes 2 planting pots for roses. Yeah I know we got "tato" instead of tomatos but I did not like them so I added my own. There were no potato's and they are in previous fallout games, so I added them. The ferns were because of fiddleheads being mentioned in Far Harbor and they are a favorite dish from Main. The roses were originaly in FO3/FNV (potato and tomato plants were too) and Jokerine suggested using them for food... So food they are. Strawberries? Hell yeah!

You can plant them in dirt and assign settlers to them. They add food to the settlement just like the vanilla plants. They do not automaticaly harvest and get added to the workshop, I cant script worth a shit and that would require scripting. You have to manualy harvest if you want them. There are recipes and food that gives some buffs, good for survival.

The original plants you need to farm them can be found north of Vault 81 at the roadside food stand(image section for exact location). It looked like a good spot for adding new crops, in the CK there's a disabled corpse but I have not seen any quests related to the spot but even if there were nothing was changed there. Idea is whatever they were doing at that roadside stand had to do with chems and crops so whoever the corpse is planted some prewar seeds and cultivated them then got corpsified. Now they are free for the taking.

All the plants are my original models. They are free to use in an FO4 mod without permission but requires credits.

This is a mod resource and I stopped development on it a couple months ago so go and and make suggestions or requests but I am not going to add more to it unless I decide to restart the project. Others can do them if they wish. Again mod resource so it comes as is and any bugs found are again not something I plan to do, someone else can do it if they wish.

Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: FO4 only.

Should not be incompatible with anything unless they use the same location.


Use NMM or...

1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy contents into your Data folder.

Mod Use Permission:

Requires credits to use.
Does not require permission to use.

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