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Configurable Food Healing provides the option of disabling the HP restoration of food items in the most compatible way. An optional MCM menu allows you to tweak the features on the fly.

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Configurable Food Healing disables the HP of food and drinks without touching the corresponding records, resulting in high compatibility, especially regarding sorting mods, and supports almost any food item, including mod-added ones. There are some exceptions though where I had to change the records to achieve some features (I'll come to that later). 


  • Disables HP restoration on every food item, without the need for extra patches  
  • An optional MCM menu for Toggling the healing effect on the fly
  • [Configurable] Wasteland Survival Guides #01 enables healing for fruits and vegetables and #03 for everything else

For the Wasteland Survival Guide feature, I had to edit the record of fruits and vegetables, which are the only records that will conflict with other mods. I've already made patches for VIS-G and Sim Settlements, though you can easily resolve the conflict yourself using FO4Edit. People using Wasteland Imports will need the Healing Powder Fix (or the misc file on this page) or the healing effect of said item will be incorrectly disabled too. It's recommended that you load this mod at the end of your load order.

Technical Details

Configurable Food Healing edits the healing Magic Effect "RestoreHealthFood" by adding conditions that are tied to the MCM settings. In this way, no food item is directly modified.