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Copatibility patch to Fallout 4 Enhanced and Wasteland Imports

Permissions and credits
A compatibility patch implementing Fallout 4 Enhanced rebalance changes to Wasteland Imports. It modifies some items (armors, weapons, explosives and ingestibles) and applies Locksmith perk changes made by F4E to WI's "Locksmith's Reader" skill magazine. Light tweaks from F4E are also included to ensure load order independency for both mods.

Load order
Load my patch after both mods (their load order doesn't matter), obviously.

This patch may cause some compatibility issues with other mods that edit same items and leveled lists. This patch is also not compatible with any mods that edit the Medic and Locksmith perks. Such mods will need another compatibility patch in order to work with mine and Fallout 4 Enhanced / Wasteland Imports. I strongly suggest making a merged patch for all your mods.

Manual installation
Just extract the file into your Fallout 4\Data folder and enable it in your mod manager (or add it in plugins.txt file).

Bdogs for Fallout 4 Enhanced mod
Mkdo40 for Wasteland Imports mod
ElminterAU, Hlp, Sharlikran and Zilav for FO4Edit