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A patch to make Wasteland Imports compatible with either VIS-G, Armorsmith Extended, Weaponsmith Extended, or all of the above. I've also included some patches which do not require the main files that remove some of the more spammy WI items from leveled lists.

Permissions and credits
This mod is composed of several plugins, most which can be used independently of one another and all of which are included in the installer. All of the plugins are also esl flagged, so you do not need to worry about them taking up a plugin slot.

The primary plugins are:
  • MojaveImports VIS-G - Adds the sorting tags to the various items from Wasteland Imports so they sort according to the sorting rules of VIS-G, also moves crafting recipes to the AWKCR benches.
  •  MojaveImports AE - Adds the keywords necessary so that the armours added by Wasteland Imports can be modified with Armorsmith Extended armour mods.
  •  MojaveImports WE - Merges the leveled lists between Weaponsmith Extended and Wasteland Imports and resolves conflicts. Also implements the new Missle and Mini Nuke variants added by WI as LOADS ammo variants.


  • MojaveImports VIS-G AE WE - The above three patches merged into one plugin.

Additionally, there are some optional plugins that I made for myself that other people might find useful:

 MojaveImports NoIngestibleChanges - This plugin reverts to vanilla the changes made by Wasteland Imports to food, chems, etc. that affect effect duration, addiction chance, etc., but still keeps the world models added by WI. This patch also adjusts the duration of some chems added by WI to be in line with vanilla chems. This plugin requires that one of the VIS-G patches be installed.
Leveled List patches: These patches remove some items from leveled lists which I felt appeared far too often and simply cluttered my inventory with stuff I never used. They require only Wasteland Imports, and do not require any of the other patches from the mod. They also only affect the leveled lists, so any of the items that have already spawned in your save will still be there, and there should be no issues with compatibility installing or uninstalling the mods.

  • MojaveImports NoLLGhouls - Removes the rocks and ghoul meat from the ghoul leveled lists. They weren't worth any caps and didn't really have any use.
  • MojaveImports NoLLMagazines - Removes the magazines from various leveled lists. Much like in New Vegas, I never remembered to actually use any of them, particularly since the duration was so short, and you found a million of them everywhere.
  • MojaveImports NoLLExplosives - Removes the grenades and mines added by Wasteland Imports from leveled lists. I rarely use grenades and basically never use mines, so they just ended up being more clutter.

  • MojaveImports NoLLAll - The above three plugins merged into one esp.

Note: In the VIS-G patches, all items and recipes have been changed to use the AWKCR version of the poison component. If you are using this mod on a save that has any WI poison component items in your inventory or a container, they will still be there, but will be useless.

It appears that AWKCR added a replacer version of Wasteland Imports with version 8.6.0. That replacer version has not yet been updated to Wasteland Imports version 1.52.1 and thus this patch is incompatible with that replacer version.

Load Order
Load order doesn't particularly matter for the most part, so long as the patch files load after the files they are patching.

VIS-G Item Sorting.esp
Armorsmith Extended.esp
Weaponsmith Extended 2.esp
MojaveImports VIS-G.esp
MojaveImports AE.esp (must be loaded after MojaveImports VIS-G.esp if present)
MojaveImports WE.esp (must be loaded after MojaveImports VIS-G.esp if present)
MojaveImports VIS-G AE WE.esp
MojaveImports NoIngestibleChanges (must be loaded after MojaveImports VIS-G.esp or MojaveImports VIS-G AE WE)
MojaveImports NoLLGhouls.esp/MojaveImports NoMagazines.esp/MojaveImports NoLLExplosives.esp
MojaveImports NoLLAll.esp

Install the fomod with your favourite mod manager.
If you install it manually, make sure you understand which plugins are redundant with which.

There should not be any issues uninstalling the patches. If anything, you might wish to unequip any WI added LOADs ammo types (eg Missile, High velocity) from any guns you have, but I'm not sure if that's necessary or not. Do note that dynamically named items will not revert to their old names until something forces them to regenerate their name e.g. being modified at an armour workbench.