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CK Quest Mod Conversion - Adds a new immersive, lore friendly Nuka-Cola Manufacturing Workstation, 7 new chem-hybrid Nuka-Colas, and a quest for 9 new holotapes to find. Now available with optional Mojave Imports Add-On.

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6/16/16 - Update V. 1.3 - Full CK Quest Mod Conversion
The main mod file now features a full conversion to a quest mod using CK
The quest will auto-start as soon as you load your savegame, and will take you to 9 different locations to acquire the 9 different Nuka-Cola manufacturing holotapes, complete with objectives, custom terminal entries, and quest markers. Once acquired, the holotapes will allow you to construct a Workbench to manufacture all regular Nuka-Colas, 7 new Chem-Hybrid Nuka-Colas, and allow you to convert your Nuka-Colas into their ice cold versions. You must have the appropriate Holotapes in your inventory to be able to craft the Workstation and all the Nuka-Colas.


4/1/16 - NEW Optional File - Functional Displays Patch

Added SNCMW - Functional Dsiplays Patch - Makes Chem-Hybrids compatible with Functional Displays
Requires Standalone Nuka-Cola Manufacturing Workstation AND Functional Displays
See New Images


3/14/16 - NEW UPDATE: V. 1.2

Update only adds a badly needed retexturing of the Nuka Station - See Images


V. 1.1 - Replaces Nuka Fusion, Nuka Quartz, and Nuka Victory, with Nuka Fission, Nuka Flash, and Nuka Boost, so no duplication of Mojave Imports. Also a bugfix. Uninstall V. 1.0 before installing V. 1.1.

ADDED: Thanks to Mkdo40 at Mojave Imports for allowing me to add an optional Mojave Imports Add-On file, that brings a number of awesome Mojave Imports products to the Nuka Cola Manufacturing Workstation. Also for the use of some Mojave Imports artwork.

The optional Add-On requires both Mojave Imports and Standalone Nuka Cola Manufacturing Workstation, also, of course, you'll need to find the Holotape that unlocks the Mojave Imports products.

I'd probably look in Docks or Railyards or Airports, you know, for a lore friendly way for it to get to Boston. Maybe you could find a new clue on one of the Terminals that contained the other holotapes. Is that clear? Or you could cheat and click the Spoiler Button

Hey, and big thanks to neal0790 for showing some love for this mod in his latest video (we're at the end):


Adds a standalone, immersive, lore-friendly Nuka-Cola Manufacturing Worstation, seven chem-hybrid versions of Nuka-Cola, 9 new recipe/schematic holotapes to the game, and a sort of mini-quest to find them.

Find the Nuka-Cola Manufacturing Worstation Schematics to unlock the ability to craft the new workstation from your workshop menu. The workstation will be located under "Crafting" in the workshop menu if the schematics are in your inventory.

Follow the clues located on specific terminals throughout the wasteland to find the 9 (10 with the Mojave Imports Add-On) holotapes that unlock the Workstation, 7 new chem-hybrid versions of Nuka-Cola, the ability to craft Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, and Nuka Cola Quantum, as well as convert your Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, and Nuka Cola Quantum to their Ice Cold versions if the right holotapes are in your inventory. And now add in crafting Mojave Imports finest products.

Added to the game in V. 1.1:

Nuka Cola Manufacturing Workstation - Hey, that's just a red Ice Machine! Yeah, pretty much, but it doesn't look too bad. :)

Nuka Cola Clear - Like a tiny little doctor in a bottle. Cure addiction, cure mole rat disease, fortify health, restore health, and reflect damage.
Nuka Fission - When you haven't got time for Rads. Removes Rads, grants temporary radiation immunity. Take a short bath in the Glowing Sea.
Nuka Flash - Temporary night vision, steady aim, and killshot perk make this the drink of the midnight sniper. Boom! Headshot.
Nuka Boost - Seem Better Than You Are. Xcell in a bottle, temporary +2 to all SPECIAL, plus HP and AP. Winning.
Nuka Fury - Let's Break Some S#!T. Nuka Fury hybrid that grants damage resistance and increased melee damage. Hulk Smash.
Nuka JetFuel - It's what plants crave. Slow time, fortify AP and fortify AP regeneration. Show those Ghouls some serious Nuka Fu
Nuka Overdrive - Wreck Something Today. Fortify critical hit chance and extra damage. Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark.

All chem-hybrids have addiction chance, however it's slightly lower than the vanilla chems. Rub a little Nuka Cola Clear on that and it'll be fine. Using these chem-hybrids shouldn't have any effect on companion affinity for now. I haven't decided whether to add that in or keep it out.

Nine new recipe/schematic holotapes - Find the holotapes, have them in your inventory, unlock the ability to craft the new goodies. The holotapes have been placed in various Terminals throughout the wasteland. The terminals have some added text entries that, if read, should provide a trail of clues that will lead you to the rest of the holotapes.

I'll start you off with a spoiler to begin the unofficial quest. The schematics for the workstation are located at

Happy hunting, and craft youself a new six-pack of your favorite beverage from the comfort of your own settlement.

If you downloaded my mod Ice Cold Nuka JetFuel (Now completely changed to Gwinnett Recipe Replacers, compatible with this mod), and few of you did, you will want to uninstall it before you install this mod.

I've done enough testing to try to make sure everything is working like it's supposed to, but I probably missed something along the way, so please let me know of any bugs or mistakes you find so I can fix them. Thanks.

If you like this mod, please remember to endorse it.


Q: Is this compatible with XYZ?
A: Probably. I'm currently running probably 100 mods or so, and was doing so throughout development and testing of this mod and never had a CTD. It only adds one new keyword and doesn't rely on any custom hoo haws.

Q: Why didn't you make a new mesh for your workstation instead of recycling the Ice Cooler?
A: Because I don't know squat about mesh editing, and my texture editing could probably use a good bit of work too

Q: Why do I have to find all these holotapes, can't I just have it all immediately?
A: You can, just use your console for whatever you want. I think it's more fun if you actually have to DO something to get new abilities and stuff, but hey, no judgement here if you want to console it all into existence. Use the console command help nuka 4 and it should bring up everything I added.

Q: Why does it require SIX of some things to craft what I want?
A: Because you'll end up getting SIX of whatever you're crafting