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i proudly present my first standalone Mod 

This mod adds a six big shelves and more than 33 pallets with components, food and stuff to build a huge warehouse.

Each of the 31 ingame components  are available on a pallet
The pallets snap on the shelf, on each level three pallets can be stored. (1 for the half shelf)
A new Workshop Menu "Warehouse" is being added to the vanilla Category "Furniture" when you run the mod the first time.

It basically works like dinozaurz   "Do It Yourshelf - clutter for shelves and bookcases"

Update v0.4 (see pictures)

- New containers for all types of ammo, (modern firearms ammo and ptrs-41 included)
- Now all base game and dlc ammo has its own container
- .38 round ammo stack, fusion cell ammo stack
- Nuka-Cola crates (Classic, Cherry, Quantum)
- New Textures for Mini-Nukes

Uninstall previous versions via the "Uninstall procedure" before installing new version

Update v0.3
Components now cost their respective value. Fully returned when scrapped
Ammunition now available
4 new clean shelves
Ammo Containers for most ammo types which fit in the shelves
Some updates on the clutter (steel now available 50,100,200, wood logs, collision added to some, etc)
Uninstall previous versions via the "Uninstall procedure" before installing new version

Update v0.2
6 Shelves in various sizes: 2-4 floors and full and half length
5 more pallets: Purified Water, Brahmin Milk, Mutfruit, Carrots
1 Special pallet: compaible with DIY full and half clutter for even more variety

Uninstall previous version v0.1 via the "uninstall procedure" first before installing the new v0.2 version.

Backup your savegames and your "Mod Profile" (Mod Manager) before installation (as you have to do with any other mod)
No conflicts with DLCs and other mods known so far

Use the Nexus Mod Manager for automatic installation

As the mod adds a new workshop category, it needs to be uninstalled ingame before uninstalling it with the modmanager

1. Craft the chem "Uninstall Cartman Warehouse" with the chem station - it's under utility
2. Use it like a normal chem ingame, the message ""Cartman1975 Warehouse has been uninstalled" confirms it
3. Save your game in a new slot, close the game and then uninstall it with the Nexus Mod Manager
Is is necessary to make sure you retain the "Furniture" category.

There is a workaround to retain the category if something goes wrong, which can be found here:
Universal missing menus fixer

Known issues

  • No problems with DLCs or other mods known.
  • The items on the pallets do not have collision yet. Shouldn't be a problem when stored in the shelf. You can clip through them when placed on the ground.
  • The big shelf shows some problems when you try to place it near an obstacle like a wall. If you want to get it close to a wall use autohotkey (maybe "Place Everywhere" works as well, not tested)

Next steps/To do:

  • The components all cost 1 item per pallet. I already included scrap recipes, so more realistic building costs are easy to implement. I have to think about the values.
  • Rework/improve of some components, e.g. the texture of acid and the gears, springs, asbestos boxes
  • More Weapons and ammo

Thank you to dinozaurz, without your help this mod would not have been possible. 
Thank you to DarthWayne for the custom workshop tutorial

And of course thank you to the programmers of outfitstudio, nifskope and all the tutorials and the great community and the nexus team!