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psiberx and DJ_Kovrik

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Powerful transmog system with 30+ clothing slots / Outfit manager

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— New transmog system with 50+ clothing slots
— A brand-new UI accessible from Hub menu and V's apartments
— Allows you to manage an unlimited amount of outfits with your names
— Converts your existing wardrobe sets to a new system at a first launch
— Works with vanilla and custom items


✓ Cyberpunk 2077 2.12a+


1. Install requirements
ArchiveXL 1.13.0+
TweakXL 1.8.5+
Codeware 1.9.0+
redscript 0.5.18+
2. Download the latest release
3. Extract the archive into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation directory

You should have <Cyberpunk 2077>/archive/pc/mod/EquipmentEx.archive and <Cyberpunk 2077>/r6/scripts/EquipmentEx


— The outfit manager is accessible through the new "Wardrobe" button in the Inventory menu or from wardrobe call in V's apartments
— On the right side of the screen, you will see all compatible gear grouped by slots
— By clicking on a button with three lines above the item list you can choose what items you want to see: current inventory, stash, wardrobe memory
— Clicking on any item will activate outfit mode, which applies the visuals of the selected items to your character over equipped gear
— To equip item in another slot, move cursor over the item and hold displayed hotkey (F on keyboard)
— To unequip all currently equipped items, move cursor over the preview puppet and press displayed hotkey (X on keyboard)
— On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of your outfits
— The "Save outfit" button becomes available when outfit mode is active
— To equip a previously saved outfit, just click on the name in the list
— To delete an outfit, hover over the outfit and press the hotkey from the hint (X on keyboard)
— To disable the outfit mode, you can select "No outfit" or unequip the outfit from the Inventory menu
— In photo mode, you will find the option to change outfits on the fly in the pose section


How to make compatible items
How to make tights without clipping
How to translate mod to your language
Console commands


Feel free to contact us on Discord if you need help with mod compatibility or have any other questions.
We prefer public discussions so that everyone can use shared knowledge.

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