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A cropped legging for Femv, perfect to show your ankles :)

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This mod  adds a cropped legging for FemV in 10 colors.

It's an edit  of the base game's legging , I cut the legs to show ankles and add material/colors.

This is not a replacer.

Available in my virtual atelier : Bedellia Tattoo workshop Clothes and accessories

For those who don't wanna use the atelier store, item codes are in the zip ( this time they should be ) 

Requires ArchiveXL and  TweakXL
Recommended : Equipment-EX

Refits : It's not that I don't want to do refits, but each time I try, I miserably fail, so if body mod authors wanna refit this very awesome legging, I'll upload it with pleasure :D

Known issue : it may be clipping in some poses in some embarrassing places... I did my best :p

Thanks to :
Manavortex for the very usefull guide on archivexl
kweknexusszosoab70  for guidance and help
 zosoab70 for solo ultimate refit

Installation : drag and drop the folders in your cyberpunk folder
Should be compatible with vortex.

item codes in the .zip

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