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Because Neokitsch is the best style, you need to wear the best furs available.

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Wear the nicest clothes and show everyone that you're not just a random person !

All cloth are available in a bunch of different colors.

  • Arm fur (37 uniform colors)
  • Short arm fur (20 color mixes)
  • Neck fur (28 colors)

? Lizzy Wizzy => Short arm fur purple_blue

➕ Color mixes
I mainly use blue, black and brown as a base and mixe it with another color. But you can basically mixe everything together !
I haven't done all the mixes possible (would take way to much time). You can request me other color mixes for Short arm fur and Neck fur.

  1. Download the file of the desired cloth
  2. Choose a color for the cloth (only 1 color can be installed, since they all overide the same cloth...)
  3. Open the folder \Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch (create the folder 'patch' if you don't already have it)
  4. Place the archive file of the chosen color
  5. You're good to go

Usage?⚠️ Yes some names for the Arm fur doesn't match the real color, I just use the names attributed by CDPR.

Arm fur & short arm fur => Put the glasses 'Tactical hybrid-glass corporate glasses' in the Head slot as shown in the second screenshot

For CET users
Suggested command to add glasses (thanks  LilithFM) : Game.AddToInventory("Items.Corporate_01_Set_Glasses", 1)

   1. Can we replace the glasses with a hat ?

No, using the hat slot will make your character half bold on the top (the game does that to prevent hairs from clipping through the hat).

   2. Can I wear a neck fur and arm fur together ?

No, they both use the same slot. But I'm currently thinking of creating an alternate version of the neck furs using the jacket slot.

   3. What is the color for Lizzy Wizzy's fur ?

Short arm fur => purple_blue

   4. Cyberpunk yellow isn't yellow...

I know, CDPR attributed a blueish green to this name... blame them for being colorblind x)

   5. Can I get a uniform color for Short arm fur ? / Can I get another color mix for Short arm fur or Neck fur ?

Yes, send me a message with your request.

   6. Can I get a color mix on the long arm fur ?

Nop. It doesn't support it.

   7. Can you adapt the mod for Vortex manager ?

Nop. You need to choose the color you want in the list downloaded.