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Note: CDPR changed stamina in 2.0 and Athletics no longer exists. This mod will not be updated for patch 2.0!

Increases stamina costs for all actions so that you have to think about stamina, which makes stamina-related perks useful. Also awards Athletics XP based on stamina use (much more than base game), giving more XP for longer "worko

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This mod addresses two gaps in the game design at the same time:
  • Stamina costs (sprinting especially) are low so it's something you rarely think about, and the stamina-boosting perks have low value.
  • Earning Athletics XP is completely overlooked. You get 20-22 XP every now and then if you use stamina, but it just stops after you get to about level 4 Athletics. Apparently there is some way to grind it using Berserk? That's not good.

The solution is to make stamina something you should pay more attention to by increasing costs, and then awarding a sensible amount of Athletics XP for using that stamina. This mod introduces Workouts, which are sustained period of stamina use without exhausting. You get endurance bonuses for longer workouts, a combat bonus for combat workouts, and combo bonuses for workouts with multiple stamina-draining actions. All bonuses are multipliers to the Athletics XP gained.

The idea is that you will naturally gain Athletics XP just by playing the game normally, maybe while putting in some effort to get bonus multipliers. You CAN grind the XP, but you shouldn't have to!

Workout bonuses are printed in a notification on the left side of the screen as you reach them (can be turned off). Check it out:

And here is an example of gaining some XP (when stamina is full):

(Note that the game will still give you 20-22 Athletics XP periodically - I haven't turned that off. This mod only awards XP when your stamina bar refills after a workout).

Stamina use changes:

  • Increases to the costs of all actions, with a small increase to jumping and melee attacks, and a bigger increase for sprinting.
  • Stamina costs are reduced for the second, third, etc. attack in a series of melee attacks. Bigger reductions for each subsequent attack in a series.
  • Added stamina costs for carrying bodies (friendly and enemy) and grappling/takedowns. Stamina is spent when moving with a body, and doesn't recover if standing still with a body.
  • When recovering from exhausted condition (when you run out of stamina), actions still cost stamina.


Sustained stamina use without exhausting is a workout. Once you finally recover to 100% stamina you will be awarded Athletics XP based on:
  • Min workout length: 75 stamina
  • Max workout length: 500 stamina
  • Endurance bonus levels at 125, 250, 400 stamina for 1.5x, 2x, and 3x bonus.
  • Combat bonus: 2x
  • Combo bonuses for doing 5 or 8 different actions in a workout for 1.5x and 2x (actions are sprint, slide, jump, dodge, air dodge, strong melee, combo melee, quick melee, block)

The amount of XP per stamina is set to 0.1, which seems low, but is something I arrived at after some testing. ALSO, everything is multiplied by an Athletics level multiplier, so that you (almost) keep pace with the increased level thresholds. I recommend to tweak that 0.1 value first (see configuration below) if you feel the balance is off.

The perk that gives you free sprinting is a bit of an issue here, since sprinting is one of the main ways to use up stamina. One idea I had is to change the perk effects so that it only reduces the cost of sprinting. For now what I've implemented is that you get an automatic 3x multiplier to Athletics XP if you have this perk, to help gain XP without spending that stamina by running.


All important numerical values mentioned above can be changed at the top of the "Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts/sensible_stamina_athletics/stamina_athletics_overhaul.reds" file. Open it in notepad or other text editor suitable for editing code. A couple of lines you might want to see are:

// set to false to not get the awesome notifications
private func shouldShowNotifications() -> Bool { return true; }

// if you don't want the XP notifications all the time set this to 500 or other high number - XP will build up and be awarded all at once
private func minXPToAward() -> Float { return 1; }

To have no notifications:

private func shouldShowNotifications() -> Bool { return false; }

To make XP notification only show up once per 500 XP: 

private func minXPToAward() -> Float { return 500; }

Post in the comments if you have any questions.


There's only a few small bits of text that are put on the screen but I put them into a separate file in case anyone would like to create translations.

Possible Future work:

  • I'm getting some more experience with the game's UI, and I'd like to make a bar that shows the workout/combo progress.

Check out my other mods:


  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscript. Download and install that first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder (the mod files go to "Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts").


  • Thanks to Loostreaks for the suggestion to look into Stamina and Athletics!
  • redscript by jekky. All of this is impossible without it!
  • Cyber Engine Tweaks for debugging redscript-based mods.