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A collection of ini patches for Valhalla Combat that add killcam animations to various mods.

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I'm Sworishina (the W is silent by the way). This is a collection of inis for Valhalla Combat.
(If you don't want me patching your mod, shoot me a message and I'll remove the patch. None of these patches modify the actual mods, they're just little framework things.)

Do I actually need these?
Probably. I just patched everything in my modlist that added "new" races that used vanilla, killcam-able bodies. Some races might only appear as essential NPCs in-game, so the ini might be pointless, but it won't hurt anything.
Additionally, if you have another mod that uses one of the patched mods as a master and adds killable instances of their races, these inis will work on those too.

Patched Mods
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Everything Else

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Compatible with everything.
I don't know if these will work with Anniversary Edition though; I'm using them on Special Edition 1.5.97.
(If you're concerned about compatibility issues with any of your mods vs your game edition, I recommend using the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher to return to a pre-AE version of the game.)

Mod Manager Download: Just press the download button and you're done.
Manual Installation: Download the ZIP, unzip, take the folder inside labelled "SKSE" and drop it in your data folder.

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