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Various tweaks to the values in which followers keep their distance from the player.

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Hello! I had a splurge of ambition and decided to throw something together that altered the distance followers continued after the player. I wasn't quite happy with the changes made by the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP), and I was torn on the closeness of the vanilla values, so I thought I'd try my hand at applying values that were somewhere around the middle. 

These plugins are flagged as ESPFEs and will not take a slot up in your load order. They only touch the package files and are compatible with NPC visual overhauls such as Pandorable's NPCs, the Northbourne series, Bijin, custom replacers, etc. 


Default/Vanilla Following Distances:

Close Range | 256
Far Range | 384

USSEP Following Distances:

Close Range | 384
Far Range | 512

- USSEP fixes have been forwarded, but the plugin itself is not required.

Follower Distance Tweaks Following Distances:

Close Range | 305
Far Range | 485

Follower Distance Tweaks
Following Distances for NPC Horses/Mounts:

Close Range | 345
Far Range | 683

Who's Covered?

Vanilla NPCs + Serana
Custom Followers utilizing PlayerFollowerPackage
Kaidan 2 (also has a version for Extended Edition)
Val Serano
NPCs managed by Nether's Follower Framework
NPCs managed by Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
NPCs such as Brandt and Ozwald within the quest mod GLENMORIL

Compatible with Pets of Skyrim (CC)
Compatible with Serana Dialogue Add-On
Compatible with RDO Update and MCM, just load my mod AFTER it.
Compatible with RDO Lite, but do NOT download the Follower Distance Tweaks - RDO patch provided in the downloads section. It is not needed since the additional NPCs and NPC tweaks from the full version of RDO are removed in RDO Lite, so just the main file of Follower Distance Tweaks will suffice.

NOTE - Some followers and frameworks have their own distancing systems. Gore, for example, has a method where you can ask him to follow close, medium, or far from the player. These values have been tweaked to be consistent with the changes from the core mod.


I poked around the following mods to see how the package records were handled, altered, etc. as they helped provide insight on how to tackle this mod from a technical standpoint. 

Kaidan Follow Distance Fix 
Kaidan 2 - Follow Distance Fix