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Weighs certain dialogue options for Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist and Companion so that they are consistent and more useful.

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Ever have a custom follower that you liked, but the dialogue option you wanted was always buried in the myriad of other topics you could broach with them?

Luckily, there's a mod for that.

Short version:
I attempted to take most main topics and 'order' them so that useful options are always at the top and bottom, and left miscellaneous dialogue options in the centre. Worth mentioning I weighted it so that it's more freindly to those wanting to do the intro quests/etc.

Top layer: quest-specific prompts (largely only those that appear once, and advance the storyline)

Action layer: These will be the first options you see 90% of the time. This includes relaxing here, trading, asking her to wait, etc.

Request layer: This has many of the things you can request Remi to do, such as ask her a favor, give potions, check your/her status, lockpicking, etc.

Middle layer: This has most of the random topics like talking about her life before meeting the adventurer (PC) and sub-quests.

Lower layer: This has all of the "follower setup" options, such as changing healing preferences/place to live.

Miscellaneous: I also fixed any errors I saw in the dialogue text--this will only really be seen in the subtitles.