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Collection of miscellaneous patches for RedBag's Solitude

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A small collection of tiny consistency patches for Redbag's Solitude. Details:
AI Overhaul patch - adds two new and modifies positions of some AIO idle markers, verified with version 1.8.2
Bells of Skyrim patch - moves bell tower to a new location with navmesh adjustments, based on Teabag86's Bells of Skyrim patch for JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim, load it after Books of Skyrim patch,
Books of Skyrim SE patch - shifts position of the bookstore to a new location with navmesh adjustments, designed to regular Books of Skyrim plugin, won't work with EPFE version
- Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes patch - forwards mesh changes and disabled flags for certain records, same file as the one from Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes Solitude patches collection,
Glorious Doors of Skyrim - Worldspace Compatibility patch - consistency patch for the Restore Solitude / Windhelm Gates addon,
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul patch - patch designed for v.0.4 of ICAIO, modifies position of the bedroll added by Immersive Citizens, so it's not hidden inside the wall anymore and is accessible to use,
- Missives patch - designed for v2.03 of Missives, changes the placement of missives board to prevent navigation problems,
- Palaces and Castles Enhanced patch - forwards door marker placement modification on a modified navmesh of RedBag's Solitude, shifts position of one idle marker in the docks area,
RS Children Overhaul patch - applies new headparts for the children added by RedBag's Solitude,
Skyrim Sewers patch - forwards sewers door markers on a modified navmesh of RedBag's Solitude,
Static Mesh Improvement Mod patch - forwards some SMIM changes to records modified by RedBag's Solitude in the docks area.

Additional notes
  • New game is recommended  - there are changes to some persistent records.
  • All files are ESL-flagged.
  • Patches are designed for Redbag's Solitude from version 1.4. 
  • You don't need to install patches for Bells of Skyrim and Books of Skyrim if you're using my JK's RedBag's Solitude or Dawn of RedBag's Solitude. Modified patches are available for both combinations at their sites.

RedBag for RedBag's Solitude, 
SpiderAkiraC / mnikjom for AI Overhaul,
Vermunds for Bells of Skyrim, 
MannyGT / ToosTruus for Books of Skyrim / Books of Skyrim - Redux,
Dlizzio for his Mesh Fixes,
Cer12 for Glorious Doors of Skyrim - Worldspace Compatibility,
Shurah for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul,
IronDusk33 for Missives,
SetteLisette for Palaces and Castles Enhanced,
Azrael_wtf / meirimi for RS Children Overhaul,
Viltuska for Skyrim Sewers,
Brumbek for Static Mesh Improvement Mod,
Teabag86 for his JK's Skyrim / Dawn of Skyrim - Bells of Skyrim patch which he generously allowed me to steal and modify.