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This mod adds beards and mustache options to humans, elves and orcs; also comes with considerable Khajiit support.

For the player character only.
This mod is also an open resource for anyone wanting to use it for npc mods/any mod.

Player character creation and BoP

Before use 
The beards are adapted to the shapes of the face therefore moving the sliders will move the beard.
The beards are configured to be a close to perfect fit when the combined sliders values are at 0. If they are not at 0 they are fine too.
Moving to other values is fine, however, there are small considerations to notice when creating a character.
The beards are affected by mouth widths and forward, chin widths and lengths, jaw sliders, cheekbones and head shapes. 

Beard accessories are more susceptible to slider values. Their position is less forgiving than the beards themselves with different slider values. If they clipp in the character creation menu, consider moving the mentioned sliders to put the accessories back into the correct place.
Long beards have much more freedom.

Racemenu or enhanced character edit sliders won´t affect these models. The vanilla sliders will. The beards work for vampires.

Requirements: None

Made with/for expressive facial animations - male. Works without/just vanilla.

Conflicts - None

Issues and clipping - clipping is the same as vanilla, while crouching, neck twisting, etc. Some longer beards may look stiff because they are modeled to armor and clothing and not the naked body, so the chin area has a curved angle to them to avoiding clippings.

The normal main file is an esps with esm-esl flags, with compacted formids.
The late polymorph version requires the mod highpoly head to work.

Other mods for character creation and npcs.
For Argonian/Khajiit content on character creation refer to BeastHHBB
A npc replacer with the beards included exists here and an addon here BoP - SoS - hair physics - VHR SMP
And here you will find more beards for Khajiit and a complete beast race replacer for 3dnpcs, also with more unique player content.
A female counterpart replacer Vahdin and here Vahdin - hair physics -VHR Smp

Face generation and BoP

- Do not make this mod as a dependency for your npc replacer mods. Its just a fair warning because it uses more than one (version) standalone head mesh option.

- This mod was made for the player character only. Any beards are recommended to be subjected to outfit studio for further tweaks on any npc with generated beards.  By using the volume and the two move(s) features alone, manually drag them or make use of different values  (x,z,y). Do not use scale or rotate as that will break them.

- Bsas have the files for facegeneration. - to preview the models in ck and generate facegen they must be extracted first.

- by default, options for the elder race are not available because they are only applied to npcs. I suggest the models for Bret,Imp or Red to be used for them because they are the best fit. Or even the elf models.Use the npc sample to get a grip on how to do it and use outfit studio to adjust them properly as mentioned above because they are made for the Greybeards/Elders.

- you may want to check EFA/EFM expressive facial mods. Beards to npcs benefit from those files, especially EFA. Clipping underbeards (they have their own) is a factor to consider when not using these for npcs and for compatibility. Check those dependencies.

- using High Poly Heads and expressive facegen morphs is not something I recommend for exporting facegen - installed together that is, because the eye meshes come out wrong.

What the Polymorph option is: Tris for nif file from expressive morphs for the new and vanilla, nifs and tris for and from High Poly parts. Meshes adjusted to hph. Head files are not used here.

- feel free to combine your own beards in the CK by configuring them together.

                                                                       XBOX PORT

Mod is complete. 
Hdt physics - Hard pass, from my part. You are free to do it.

bae, nif optimizer, blender, nifskope, outfit studio, creation kit, cathedral assets optimizer for bsa, sseedit.

megapatato for helping out understanding the tri file generation process
nirouku for expressive facial animations used the malehead.tri as a reference to generate the tri files.
Letrstryagain and triptherift for the alt statue mesh found here
Thanks a lot to the beta testers SomewhatWindy and GothiOdal.

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