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Adds frescoes and paintings to the Blue Palace and Bards College

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First, I would like to say that this mod was inspired by many mods and without them and its assets this would never happen.

Made with different versions: 

  • Bards Reborn is an extra patch that works with either mod version.
If you like paintings in Skyrim´s most visited interiors and player homes consider looking at the other mods in the painting series.
This mod was the first one in the series where are gathered painting resources from older mods made by other mod authors and more.
Around 200 resources were added since.
If your concern is breaking the lore, fear not.
Should make for a great VR experience.
Load order:
Palaces and castles enhanced/JK/Courtyard
pce patches/Jk patches/patches
this mod <-----
Interior lighting mods and its patches

Extravagant Interiors  or Mrf´s Solitude palace textures if you want to give an extra luxurious look for the interiors. If you don´t use them its fine too.

The goal of this mod was to make the Blue Palace hall something of a live museum. Should go well with VR.
Went along doing the same for a luxurious Bard´s College.

The files do not take a spot in your load order. Load before interior lighting mods like Lux.

Frescoes: 21 ; Paintings: 31

Mods to complement
Ornate dome or Retexture for SDP which require Solitude Dome Paintings and for this mod requires this Solitude Dome New meshes which requires a patch for it here Pce - Solitude dome patch. Another dome patch from Extravagant Interiors base mod. Hope I got this right. You can use other dome retextures ofc.

Conflicts with Art imports, part of the same resources are used in both mods and also some positioning conflicts in the Blue Palace.
SFCO - needs a patch. One is planned to adjust and another to remove its paintings entirely from these 2 cells.
Jk´s Blue Palace - I don´t know, I don´t use this one in particular. Let me know.

The images-paintings are public domain, you can find them easily with google´s image search. Avoided images under creative commons licence. Some sites I used with the open sources are wikidata and

A special thanks to disitinerant for the blue palace frescoes mod and the continued work there. Without its assets this would never have happened. Adapted most of its dome frescoes to the walls.
To RhyelBr for the Classic Paintings mod from where I went to search for the open sources. Did not use its assets, brought in some of its paintings - they were remade from scratch.
To Hq Real Paintings by morganmarz and jet4571 and betterbecause fro the frames.
To Hq Frames and Canvas by betterbecause and jet4571, again without them this would not have been possible.
Senterpat for inspiration from his mod Art Imports  
Thanks disitinerant for the pointers on startnig texture making!

Aside from the nexus resources available and kindly been given permissions to use here, I made and added new frescoes and paintings.
Some of the frescoes were modeled to fit some of the blue palace walls, some more successful than others.