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This mod makes adjustments and adds a couple of fixes to the vampiric fangs meshes (tris) for the beast races.
Compatible with everything.

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The vanilla vampire fangs for beast races are terrible and have probelms. This mod fixes those in no uncertain terms.

Plug-n-play mod. If you´ve seen the images and decided to go for it no need to read anything further.

The fangs are not new models, they are vanilla files with edited vampire morphs:
(It does not change non-vampire beast teeth)
  • corrects the fangs position for Argonians: no fangs curved sideways, and given different proportions and position because they have 4 fangs
  • Fixed female argonian fangs-mouth obvious clippings
  • Fixes the fangs for female Khajiit - the angle was off and almost completely out of the mouth
  • Half the lenght for female Khajiit and the distance between the fangs is adjusted
  • at least half the lenght for male Khajiits
  • Argonians got a dentist appointment

Making this mod, when adjusting the fangs the opposite gender also have the changes. And the base, positions and shape are not the same between them. This was a limitation that was worked with and I think the results came out as balanced as possible considering.
To be used with anything.
Uses any texture mod - it is unrelated to textures or meshes.
Did not search/test custom races. Pretty Khajiit mod has its own tri files, I don´t know how these would overwrite it.
In short, no mod touches the same files (or nobody wanted to) - compatible with anything - teeth/expression/morph mods, high poly heads included.

Install-uninstall - anytime with anything

This mod cannot cause issues.

Character creation menu: 3 sliders, mouth height, mouth forward and chin forward.
Depending on how they are changed the vampire teeth will be smaller, or bigger, slighty misplaced, or even gone. Default in the images are with values at zero. There are other examples. These are the cons. However bad they looked, the unedited vanilla files are a fit for all the sliders.

Recommendation (Khajiit especially) is to use sliders at values of 0. Different small sizes for mouth height/forward one of each at values of -1/1. This is a suggestion prior to being a vampire, so when the player becomes one, they are there. Go half with height or forward if in doubt -0.5 or 0.5. Or try before by console command "player.setrace Khajiitracevampire", or argonian.

To view the Khajiit male mouth using racemenu expressions tab use this . Useful for your character creation as well. It allows them to open the teeth with the mouth.


Does this self apply/auto-patch beast vampire npcs ? Yes.
Does facegen for mod added beast race vampire npcs/followers need to be re-generated with this ? No.
There are no beast vampire npcs and all mod authors remove the morphed mesh (vampire npcs with no fangs), so that leaves the player unless an npc is turned p.e. Derkeethus follower

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