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Vanilla hair remake SMP (mod) physics for several npcs in the mods BeastHHBB and iBeasts

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Khajiit npcs with hair physics.

File options
  • Beasthhbb replacer
  • iBeasts replacer


In the Beasthhbb version I took the liberty to include playable variations of the 3 hairs in VHR for m/f as well as including vhr´s male versions to females.

This mod does not add physics to all Khajiit npcs.
You can use the two files separately.

Q: How is this distributed ?
A: Applied said replacer hairs with physics to npcs that have the hairstyles in Skyrim.esm/3dnpcs. So its basically native hair design with BeastHHBB and/or iBeasts faces and features along with VHR models with physics.

Q: Would it work with spid to do the same ?
A: I´m not knowledgeable enough to answer it, and I don´t think so. Also not into it. There were things to be adjusted, like beard colors match, tuffs, the things.

Q: Performance friendly?
A: No loss of performance. Vhr SMP remake mod is accessible to all pc´s.

Recommended(ish) mod for VHR - Vanilla Salt and Wind hair textures - used in the images here - This mod uses paller beards unlike bop sos. The hair and beard textures are not exactly a match in terms of color when using it, because beards are scruffy looking still. If you´re like me this is nothing eye-popping, otherwise there´s always vanilla textures.

Download, install. This is not a standalone mod, even so, if you use other npc mods over the requirements you can still use this mod over them all. 
Facetints are included to make this easier for overwrites.

Facegen for NPCS list

  • Atahbah
  • Shavari
  • Ma´randrujo
  • Bandits: Thug, Outlaw, Marauder, Highwayman
  • Adventurer
  • J´zargo
  • unreleased (all 31 vanilla game Khajiits, with the obvious exceptions)

  • Jeerah captive
  • Jadro´Ra
  • Inari
  • Gnives (m/f)
  • Drobar
  • Okapi
  • Qa´Dojo
  • Slave2
  • J´zhirra
  • unreleased (all 27 khajiits with hair physics)

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