Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Discover anew the beast race npcs with captivating new models and explore Skyrim with refreshed 3 dimensional beastly characters.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a complete Argonian and Khajiit visual replacer for the mod Interesting Npcs SE aka 3dNpcs

This is also an extension to BeastHHBB and Beards of Power for player character options, with new and unique models

  • Npcs replaced: +56. All the beast npcs in 3dNpcs.
  • Espfe - no slot on load order


Interesting Npcs
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
This mod requires BeastHHBB the newest main replacer file or the optional player character

There are no conflicts with other 3dnpcs replacer mods as of this day because they do not replace the beast races. Except for one that replaces Anum-La and Among-the-Hist.

iBeasts with hair physics for some Khajiit 


Fur or feather under the nose may require a bit of tinkering to hit the right spot to avoid clipping. This is valid both for sliders in the character menu as well as applying these to npcs. Adjust with sldiers. For the making of npcs it is also recommended for these models to load the exported head mesh in outfit studio and re-position from there.

To make your own custom styles, in ck, replicate one of the wanted records to be used as the main style, replicate all the others to combine and to be used as extra and misc parts to be added to the one used as the main in extras. Toggle as playable and that´s it.


This mod does not need patches and its the only one that exists that does this.
Load order should not matter, except for mods that replace Anum-La and Among-the-Hist.


Beards of Power Sons of Skyrim
Vahdin - Female npc replacer
Ulver Reshade
Lost Masks
Beards of Power
IBeasts - 3dNpcs
Markarth Side - Resort City
Solitude Paintings
Paintings for Breezehome
Paintings for Honeyside
Paintings for the Bannered Mare 
Paintings for the Temple of Dibella 
Paintings for The Winking Skeever and Candlehearth Hall 
Paintings for Cities of the North 
Whiterun Trees
Windhelm trees with Mighty Talos 
Paintings for Dragonsreach
Paintings for the Palace of Kings 
Paintings for Cities 
Paintings for the Temple of Kynareth
Paintings for Jorrvaskr
Paintings for the College of Winterhold
Paintings for the Thieves Guild 
Paintings for the Temple of Mara 
Paintings for Thirsk Mead Hall
Paintings for Hjerim
Paintings for Proudspire Manor
Beast Vampire Fangs Adjustments 
Paintings for Mistveil Keep 
Paintings for Inns Shops and Misc 
Paintings for the Dark Brotherhood
Paintings for the Thieves Guild


KrisTakahashi and his team for Interesting Npcs KaptainCnucklz and co for the Se port and updates
KrittaKitty for Argonain feather hair
Nerd of Prey for Hott Argonians inspiration and as a proxy to asset use. From my part, I still answer for its use ofc.
Domainwolf for Vanilla Warpaints Absolution and HD vanilla makeup
tzarbaby000 for Fabulook Eyes
VectorPlus for the Brutish Argonian male head and High Poly Heads  - offsite mods


Creation Kit
Bsa extractor
Cathedral Assets Optimizer
Nif Optimizer
Outfit Studio