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Scatters unique headgear items throughout Skyrim as collectible trophies

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explore Skyrim and find


Mask List

Falmer mask
Falmer Skull mask
Spriggan Mask with animated eyes
Skeever helmet
Glenmoril head
Hagraven mask
Deer bone
Horned Deer bone
Khajiit Skull mask
Argonian Skull mask
Orc skull mask
Dragon Skull mask
Mudcrab headgear
a special dinner headgear
bone skull helmet
werewolf mask
vampire lord mask
bear mask

The masks can be found both in exteriors and interiors, near bosses or numerous enemies.
Each one has a theme and each theme is tied to the place they can be found, most likely points of interest found either through quests or exploration.

You will notice a difficulty pattern in finding their placement, that is, they are not hard to find though if distracted they can be an easy miss.
They are not in some corner in a random dungeon or places one would ever look, and not in plain sight.

This will offer your character/follower a great amount of customization
The masks are not op or have unique stats. They have little armor, are enchantable and have survival warmth ratings. They can be used with face covers p.e., among other things.

They can be used with helmets and other headgears.

What it is

Masks based on animals, creatures, humanoid and beast bones present in the game

23 unique headgear items. Masks, helmets and eyeglasses (eyeglasses are craftable only, and half a dozen. The recipe must be found)

These items are in interiors, in remote and not so remote places, npcs and some are journals or notes as recipes.

They can be used together with helmets/hats, hair/beards and some of them with each other.
Craftable items need a recipe (some are not craftable). All items are enchantable. Low price, symbolic armor. Some have survival keywords. All to fit seamlessly.

What it does not do
does not add npcs, chests, enemies
does not touch landscapes or buildings
no cheat items

3 very generic npcs, if you use complete replacers load this mod after just in case.
Compatible with mods that change worldspaces and cells. P.e. water mods, grass mods, etc. Elfx shadows or Rlo  do not need a patch, but some lighting mods do.

There is no secret chest or vendor hoarding them
There is no secret overpowered item
There are no quest pointers on them
No leveled items and not found in chests

Tune in on your role-playing instincts

What they are
There are 15 masks
The masks are not craftable
There are 7 helmets (some are craftable some are not) and 7 eyeglasses (just craftable)
Craftable items are not in the worldspace. The recipes are. The recipes, like some of the masks are out there, under the form of notes, journals, etc.


The corresponding recipes must be in the inventory to craft the items (the option will not appear otherwise)
All the items are enchantable and have less armor than the rating of 15: an iron helmet. Except a few (max~23)
The recipes have perk requirements and they will send the Dragonborn on sensible ingredient hunts 
It is not as easy to craft as to use 1 leather and on the other hand they are not grindy
The recipes are out there to be found.

Advanced armors
Arcane smithing
Dwemer smithing
Glass smithing
A special item is made on a cooking pot

Eyeglasses - Slot used =44
masks - Slot used = 55
standard slots = circlet, helmet, hair

Schlongs are compatible because they use slot 52

Older mod pieces (edited) and new, implemented in a dynamic role - 
from 7 different mods. 
All the items have support to all races. Altered and made new meshes to fill lots of gaps. Lots of them.
Beast races and orc friendly: yes.

General distribution (little spoilers by quest/faction/interior/exterior)

Main quest: 2
Companion quests: 2 
Mages quest: 2 
Thieves Guild quests: 1
Daedric quests: 2
Exterior cell: 10
Interior cell: 

Maybe later.

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
mannygt - Realistic Eyeglasses
User_2966462 - Skeever Helmet
cryptoporus - Kinoko Headgear 
MyFirstPony -  Spriggan Mask used his text as well
ARYANtheAG - Beast Masks of Skyrim
PROMETHEUS_ts - Beast Skeletons
ghosu Ghosu - Helmets _ Bone Shield and Staff